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I Am Now Testing StoreStacker

My guess is that I am going to be writing many posts about StoreStacker, the affiliate niche store builder. The reason is simple, I have just installed it and I have been sort of blown away by how cool this software is.

StoreStacker is a way to build your own affiliate store. It was very easy to install, you need to know about how to transfer files via FTP and you need to setup a MySQL database. That’s all really, in about 2 minutes you’ll have your own online store, on your own domain. But without anything to sell.

The setup of the store was easy as well, I didn’t even read the instructions, and I didn’t watch any of the videos (there are plenty tutorials). And I manage to do it fast.

At the moment, I have six main categories with several subcategories, and thousands of listings. I have my own affiliate products from ClickBank, and I have a lot of books from Amazon, and I have a lot of cool videos from YouTube about all sorts of Internet marketing tips.

And as I was just about to go to bed, I discovered something else. I can fetch the rss feeds from whoever, and put it in the store. For instance, I have added some really great blogs to the categori of Search Engine Optimization Articles. All the content is automated, I just get the headlines and a few sentences though, but this is a great way to categorize them all.

To me, StoreStacker looks like the perfect solution for an affiliate marketer. You can take a look at the store I did setup in about 20 minutes or less. I used one of the many free templates, and remember, I haven’t read a single instruction (other than watch the video regarding how to install it).

So, I guess I will be spending more time with StoreStacker and I might even get my own template. Because this is something I believe in, it feels cool to have my own store.

(Remember, I am not promoting my store just yet)

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