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I am now Testing BlogJet

I have just installed a new software called BlogJet. It’s a desktop publishing software, and I discovered it at CenterNetworks.

I have never tried a software like this before, but after reading this post by Darren Rowse, I thought I would give it a try. If he is using one, I should probably test one as well.

I am also using a Mac, just like Darren, but most of the time, I use a laptop PC. That’s why I thought BlogJet was more interesting than Ecto.

This is my third post using it (my first using an image), and I thought it was time to write a short review.

I enjoy logging in to my WordPress account and use the default editor to blog, and that’s probably why I haven’t thought about trying a different way to blog, until a few days ago when I read Darren’s post.

My first impression of BlogJet is rather interesting. I have nothing but very positive things to say. The installation was very fast and easy, I was up and blogging after just a few minutes after I downloaded it.

The interface is very nice, it’s clean and I can find everything I need at first glance. And I can’t describe how much I like the ctrl+s saving (it’s just like MS Word). It feels great to have the backup on my harddrive, not sure why, but it feels great.

I am currently using the 30–day free trial, and I think that I will be testing it for the whole period.

Even though BlogJet gives me a whole new experience as a blogger, I am not really sure if I should buy it. The price is not that high, it costs $46.49 (not sure why the weird price tag, I thought it was going to cost me $39.95… but maybe it’s because I live in Norway?), and it seems to be a lot more fun to blog when using BlogJet. But do I really need it? 

I will let you know what I think about it after I have been using it for one more week or so, and I will let you know if I am buying it or not. It’s a little expensive for an application I really don’t need don’t you think?

I can imagine that BlogJet is a very interesting application for people with more than one blog and for people that are travelling a lot or for some reason spend a lot of time offline with their computers.

What I think is missing though, is a way to preview the posts (before you publish them). I haven’t found this option yet, it might be somewhere, but I haven’t found it. Having an option like this would have made BlogJet even better.

So far, that’s the only thing I have missed since I started using BlogJet. I already feel like I would really miss it, if I uninstalled it… what does that tell you? The people over at CodingRobots can be really proud of their product. 

I will let you know my decision whether I am going to buy it or not in a week or so.

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