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I am a gold member at Affiliate Funnel

I just had to write another post about Affiliate Funnel. Now, I have figured out how it works (it wasn’t that hard) and everything seems to be working 100% for me. When I first joined I wasn’t sure if my programs where the only programs that would be visible to my downline or not. At first when I started to add my programs I also saw programs from my upline as well. Soon after, when I had added my six programs (yes, I am not a gold member) my programs were the only programs visible to my downline.

It seems that I had to add all six of my programs to remove my upline’s programs. So, now it works like the best downline builder ever. My downline will only see the programs that I recommend and nothing more. And I will earn commissions everytime a member upgrades. Members of Affiliate Funnel (even free members) will have access to lists of traffic exchanges, safelists and other traffic generators.

There are also a discussion forum where we communicate with the owners (Jon and Mike), about future improvements and how the system works and more. So far it seems to be working great and with only two referrals you get the system for free, nothing better than that.

To me, this is the best downline builder that I have tried. The reason is simple, I don’t promote anything to my downline but my own programs. I don’t need to join any of the programs of my upline at all, and my downline won’t see anything from my upline. In theory, I won’t have to advertise anything but Affiliate Funnel. When people join it I can earn money if they upgrade and I can earn money if they join any of the programs that I promote to my downline inside of the members area.

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  1. Tim Linden says:

    Hmm. Interesting. I run and =P

  2. jens says:

    So you are the man behind this 🙂

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