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I am excited about this new Twitter App

I have been using Twitter for a while. I have been experimenting on different ways to use it, and I have been testing a lot of Twitter clients and tools. I’ve read many books and e-books about how to use Twitter. And frankly, most of the stuff I have read are just confusing.

To me, Twitter is what you think it is, and it’s mostly about how you want to be using it. It’s a lot like blogging, and Facebook, or whatever you are using. You need to start using it, then you’ll find out how you want to be using it. It helps to read about how other people are doing it, but it’s not an exact science. Use it the way that it works for you. That’s what’s important.

Twitter is about you

You don’t have to tweet every 10 minutes in order to become popular. I don’t believe that it matters when you tweet, or how much you tweet, as long as your tweets are interesting.

What matters to me is that I tweet when I feel like tweeting. I just need it to be fast and easy.

There is a new kid in town

As I said, I have been using a lot of various tools when it comes to Twitter. And the tool I have been most satisfied with so far, is TweetAdder. That’s because it helps me automate the most important tasks. Tasks I usually don’t want to be doing.

I need to make things work my way. It needs to be comfortable, and I need to enjoy the process.

I don’t want to be thinking about when to tweet, in order to get most people to read my tweets. I don’t want to be thinking about that it’s been a while since my last tweet, or that I should be tweeting more often, or not as many times as I am currently tweeting. I don’t want to think, I just want to tweet and be in conversations with interesting people about interesting topics. That’s all.

The new kids in town is Buffer, and I am very excited about this tool. The reason I am excited is that I have been using it for five days, and I have already gone pro. Buffer is all about the tweets. It’s really fast, and it’s very easy. It makes everything a lot more comfortable.

Why I am excited about using Buffer

Let me first tell you what Buffer is, and what it helps me do.

To me, Buffer has two features I really enjoy;

In the settings, I have scheduled when I want me tweets to be sent at specific times every single day. For instance, I send about 8 tweets a day using Buffer. They are sent at the same times every single day. I don’t have to think at all about when, Buffer handles this for me. All I need to do is add tweets to Buffer.

Adding tweets to Buffer is very fast and easy. I can use an extension for my browser, in order to add blog posts that I have just finished reading, or I can log in to Buffer and add the tweets.

With Buffer I don’t think about anything other than the content. I just keep adding tweets and everything else is done for me. The tweets are all genuine and mine, but I don’t clutter my timeline by sending a lot of tweets at the same time.

Introducing Buffer:

What is buffer?

The reason to go pro

I am paying $5 a month, and I can add more tweets to my buffer, and I can use 3 Twitter accounts. That’s why I am using the pro version instead of the free. But I started out as a free member, in order to test if Buffer was something for me.

I am not only using Buffer

Buffer is awesome when it comes to scheduling tweets, and it’s a great way to never run out of content on Twitter. But, I believe that Buffer is not for conversations. I use several different Twitter clients for this. When I am replying to people, I am using either HootSuite or Kiwi (for Mac).

To me, scheduling tweets are very important, but remember, I am only talking about tweets that are not part of a conversation. When I get a question on Twitter, I reply as soon as I see it, I don’t schedule conversations.

What about you, are you scheduling your tweets?

14 responses to “I am excited about this new Twitter App”

  1. Ileane says:

    Hi Jens, nice review of Buffer. I talked to one of the team members recently over on my blog and he mentioned that new analytics features are coming real soon too.
    I agreee – HootSuite is like “old faithful” when it comes to having conversations and tracking Twitter lists.

  2. Interesting Jens. I’ve never really used any of these tools for Twitter, but it’s because I’m still such a rookie and still trying to get my legs under me and understand the whole twitter culture. With Buffer, what types of tweets do you suggest automating? Very curious to understand how there is value in that and what the benefits are, and what you’ve noticed. Thanks for all you do Jens.


    • Leon Widrich says:

      Hi Marcus, I thought of jumping in here and give Jens a hand. With Buffer you can easily add all the great blogposts you read every day to be tweeted later that day. So one way of using it is whilst you browse some interesting blogposts, you hit the Buffer icon via the Chrome or other browser extension and add them to your Buffer. This helps to have you tweeting great content during the whole day and doesn’t annoy your followers, by tweeting all your findings of great blogposts all at once.

      Let me know whether this was helpful for you :).

      Going to check out the Sales Lion now, looks very interesting!

    • jens says:

      I am doing what Leon suggests. I add a lot of the posts I read (and recommend) to Buffer. And I add things that doesn’t need to be added when I think of it. For instance, if I am reading an awesome book, I might add the reference to Buffer. If I have just read a brilliant quote, I might add it to buffer.

      Usually, I add everything that’s not part of a conversation to Buffer. For instance, I can start a conversation by using Buffer. Like, saying “do you know about a wordpress plugin for rotating banners?” And when I receive suggestions, I’ll respond to them using another Twitter client.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks a lot for your comment Marcus.

  3. Ric Nunez says:

    Nice review. I never scheduled a tweet, and to be honest these days I stopped tweeting, but I’ll take a look at it. It appears to be a good tool.

    • jens says:

      Hey Ric,

      You should try it. I tried the free account and within a few days I had upgraded to pro. But for a lot of people, the free version is enough. But I like to keep my buffer big and full of tweets. Now, I can add 50 tweets, and that will be enough for about a week 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment Ric.

  4. TristanH says:

    Holy crap. Jens, that’s awesome! I really like how there’s a Chrome extension for it. It’s awesome how easy it is to just click on the button in your browser and schedule the tweet.

    Oh, and I really like this that you said: “You need to start using it, then you’ll find out how you want to be using it.” So true. I signed up for Twitter a while ago but never really understood it. But then I just started using it the way I wanted to use it and that’s when I started enjoying it and seeing results from it.

    Thanks for the great tip!!

    • jens says:

      I am really glad that I found Buffer. It has helped me a lot to focus on what’s important, and that’s the tweets. I’m not thinking about when to tweet anymore, I just add close to everything to Buffer and it takes care of it for me.

      But when people are replying to me and contacting me, I’ll reply using Kiwi or another Twitter client. So, to me it’s the best of both worlds 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment Tristan, I really appreciate it. And now, finally, I have added commentluv to my blog as well.

  5. Mark Errol says:

    That’s true Buffer really is a highly beneficial application. It is a big help to everyone as it makes Tweeting fast and easy. Everyone should try Buffer and they will surely like this nice application.

  6. Liz Calamusa says:

    Thank you for letting us know about Buffer. It is something that I will have to try now.

    Personally I had a bad experience with TweetAdder and no longer automate the adding friends function, however scheduling tweets is very intriguing.

    Twitter is a fantastic tool when used correctly and can really help drive traffic. The only thing I would change – somehow I would stop people from tweeting their personal daily actions, we don’t need to know absolutely everything do we? ha ha. I really enjoy your website and your views.

    Thanks again and Here’s to your continued success 🙂

    • Jens says:

      Hi Liz,

      I haven’t used TweetAdder for a while (although I haven’t had any problems with it), but buffer is awesome. I’m using Twitter a lot, way more than Facebook.

  7. Darcy says:

    This looks like an incredible piece of software, Jens! I’ve been doing some research in the past fortnight or so, looking at programs that might help me with my Twitter efforts. I really love Twitter – especially considering that I never got into Tumblr or anything like that, so based on your recommendation I’ll be dedicating a bit of time looking into Buffer! I also appreciate the time you’ve taken to post a few videos/demos also – a great, written review is lovely but when you toss a video or two into the mix it truly paints a more vivid picture for those considering a new product. Magnificent work!

  8. Jack says:

    Anything that makes Tweeting more streamlined is good in my book! I love how things like Twitter and Facebook always start out nice and fun, then when you get more friends and followers it becomes a little more tricky to juggle and addictive in nature. Before you know it, organising tweets and responding to direct messages can take up half of your day. This’ll be a nice little ace up my sleeve to keep the social media addict under wraps, mate! Thanks.

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