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How YouTube is testing their new Beta

Today I discovered the new beta version of YouTube. I am not sure what the big difference is, and I am not sure if it`s only the design they are testing or not. But what I am more focused on is how they get people to test it and how they are doing the switch.


When you are watching a video at YouTube (Muse playing Starlight), just to the right of the video, you can see the highlighted text “Try out the NEW (beta) version of this page!”

I think that this is a great way to test it, it`s very similar to how PayPal was testing their new design. By doing it this way, everybody (who sees this) can watch the new design and compare it to the old. And maybe somewhere they can submit their thoughts and ideas about the new design as well?

The reason I really like it, is that it doesn`t take your focus away from what you are really looking for (the videos). But at the same time, I don`t think that most people will have a problem seeing the highlighted text.

The feedback option was a lot easier at PayPal, but I am not sure if YouTube are looking for feedback or not. And as I said, I am not sure what`s new with the new beta.

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  1. Ed Torres says:

    Thanks for the information.

    All the best,

    Ed Torres

  2. aoao says:

    me too, I want to cancel it but my english is so bad .

    No more GDI too


  3. Robert Sherman says:

    I just canceled my GD account without any problem. Probably took no more than 5 minutes.

    The only questions asked of me were my name, email address, ZIP code, and reason for quitting. I go a confirmation number for the cancellation

    Now I’ll see if they actually stop billing me..

  4. Jennifer says:


    Yes I was surprised that by cancelling GDI account just to phone them. That is not fair for those with hearing impairment that they can’t use the phone or not able to follow numbers and talk. That was out of touch for GDI Admin not thinking about those with hearing impairment or hard of hearing people. I did cancel the GDI account as was told to phone them. I got angry and said “How can I manage to carry conversation on the phone in support form box!” Well guess what, they took my word and cancel account for me. They should have a website link to cancel account like those other online business and not a reason to explain why to cancel!

    They do have paypal now so I took that so if I want to discontinue, I just go and cancel paypal and that easy rather going through complicate instruction to cancel and hope that will work!



  5. Jens says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I agree with you, it’s weird that members have to phone to cancel the account. But I guess, if you get angry enough they will do it for you 🙂

    Thanks for the information.

  6. BeN-* says:

    if i’m a foreigner and i want to make a call from my country
    what exactly number should i dial ?
    becuz when i dialed to this number it happened nothing!
    plz answer through my e-mail as soon as possible
    i really want to cancel my account

  7. aoao says:

    For me, I not cancel GDI with Phone, I just cancel it from paypal account. So GDI send email to me every moth … and then I make GDI email to be Spam mail.

    That is my story.. :>

  8. Kurt says:

    Thanks for the information..

    It took me about a few weeks to figure out how to cancel my GDI account without calling them in the US until I’ve got some tips from you guys..

    But the question is why is it so hard to cancel the membership where you could just e-mail them that you want to cancel your membership?



  9. Archmonde says:

    I met same problem in canceling my account too, I just want to try the free trial, I do not know that EVEN the free trials is so hard to cancel.

    I called but no one response to my phone, they keep saying the phone line is busy.

    Can I cancel it through paypal without canceling my paypal account?

  10. Jens says:

    Hi Archmonde,

    I had to call them in order to cancel, but that’s a long time ago, maybe they have changed their policy.

    I don’t think that I used PayPal at all, if I did, I could have just cancelled through PayPal. Don’t think they allowed PayPal back then.

  11. Ardi says:

    I just cancel my GDI subscription. Thanks God I subscribe thru Paypal so I can easily cancel it. What you need to do is search your account history for GDI subscription fee and click “Details”. Then you can find the status of this subscription which is “Active”. You just need to change the status to “Cancel”. That’s it. 🙂

  12. Steve says:

    I canceled today by calling (760) 602-3000. I chose option 4 (i think) then waited for about 5 minutes on hold. A very nice lady answered and asked for my username, my favorite color, my favorite number, asked me why I cancelled, offered me 2 free months (I denied) then gave me a cancellation number and that was it! I must say I thought it would be much harder but it was very pleasant.

  13. nas says:

    i have not join gdi, but why are u all canceling ur membership. yah. cuz im looking for an extra income. thanx

  14. adam Max says:

    Hello guys,

    I want to cancel my GDI subsription by paypal. I have follow what ardi says, but I could not find any active transaction regarding GDI in my paypal account. So, does this means that I am not tied to GDI or they might have some sort of way to hide their transaction in my paypal account?

    Please Help

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have been with global domains international it is not techically a scam but it is more like a vitual cancer on the web. Businesses like this make there money by spamming people all over the world sucking them in with empty promises and making it near impossible to get out so they can keep riping you off for as long as they can.

    Let me tell you my experiance with GDI.

    Over the past 2.5 years I have converted about 100 people to GDI and I have yet to recieve a payment from them as I still havent earned the requiered minimum payout.
    Most of these people cancel within the first few days (Shows its a good product hey)
    I finally realised that this will never work after tons & tons of effort I have put in.

    I cancelled my paypal subscription with them.

    Then they started billing my credit card. My credit card expired and they managed to guess the new expiry date and kept billing my card (ilegal).

    So I recently cancelled my credit card and now they have started billing my paypal account again even though my subscription has been cancelled (very dishonest business).

    There is only one way to cancel your account and that is by phoning them.

    I have been trying to ring the number they gave me at least 10 times it dosnt work here in Australia. I have sent a heap of emails and they reply with the same thing (cancel by phone no exceptions).

    This company is so desperate to rip people off they are resorting to ilegal and dishonset practices.

    Has anyone ever seen a decent .ws domain NO cause everyone is in it to make money which only .000001% is acually making a profit the rest a sheep handing over the hard earned every month.

    You need to be in this company long term to make any money and they will not be around for that long. So if you want to join this company and there scamming tactics go ahead throw away 10 bucks a month and go through all the crap I have been through to get out.

    That is why I think GDI is a virtual cancer and I feel sorry for its victims.

    Anyone who is promoting GDI cannot tell me that they acually believe they are selling a good product because you not it isnt true you are trying to promote a lifestyle that will never ever ever eventuate. Get a ligit online business.

    I am trying to stop GDI from taking anymore of my money, every month they perform an unauthorised transaction on my account I will be posting 100 posts similar to this one.

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