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How To Write Local Press Releases

I am assisting four students with their paper/dissertation this semester, and I will be assisting them when it comes to writing their press releases as well.

I believe that when it comes to press releases, for the region we live in, there are two main goals that we need to focus on.

The first goal might be specific to the fact that we live in Norway, and a certain region of Norway. I am not really sure though, it might be fairly similar in the US and other countries as well.

During the years, I have experienced that it’s really important to be personal when it comes the press releases. I am not talking about one-to-one personal, I am referring to being personal as being local (as using ties to the town or the region we live in).

The first main focus area is: Being Personal

The people working at the local newspapers (actually, it goes for all the local media) in our region are only interested in local news. If we were about to launch a brand new revolutionary product (for instance, a product that could help against world hunger), they wouldn’t be interested in writing about it unless it was launched in their town or it was discovered in their town. Well, if it could help against world hunger, then it might actually get a few words in the papers, but that’s about the only story they’d consider writing about, unless it happened in their town.

What I am saying is this.

If the students want media to, not only notice them, but also do a story, they’ll have to link their product or at least parts of their story to each of the towns in the region. For instance, if one of the students was born in a town in the region, they should focus on this as well, when they write the press releases to media in this town. They should try hard to find something related to each town. In other words, the students need to write a press release for the media in each town, and use a personal/local touch on each of the press releases.

The second main focus are is: Being remarkable

It doesn’t matter if one of the students or their product can be linked to the region or to a specific town in the region, if it’s just a normal story and nothing extraordinary. Well, they could get lucky and get a few fairly interested reporters on their story (we see examples of this daily in the local newspapers, because let’s face it, not much is happening).

But, if the students are going to be close to 100% sure that they’ll get media hooked on their story, their story should be remarkable. Their press releases should focus on something different, even though their product might not be that different. One tiny part of the product might be different, if it is, they should focus on that part. If they come up with 100 innovative facts about their product, they should focus on their top most remarkable facts in their press releases.

So, what the press releases in the region is all about, is to focus on being personal (local) while at the same time it should focus on being remarkable.

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