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How to write a good e-mail

This is a topic that will continue to be important in the future. If you are going to sell products or whatever online, you have to write good e-mails. If you you do this right, you will reach your customers, you get their [tag]attention[/tag] and they will [tag]trust[/tag] you. But if you don´t write good e-mails you will not only lose one sale, but they might never buy from you ever, because they will not even open your [tag]e-mail[/tag]. It´s all about trust.

This is why a post over at Lifehacker is such a good read, the original content is  at Email: an author´s guide.

3 responses to “How to write a good e-mail”

  1. dan says:

    I would warn against using this type of software to boost your rankings. This type of software is what I consider a short-term SEO strategy. This software might temporarily boost your rankings, but in essence you would be deceiving the search engines. So even if you didn’t get caught right away, you’d always run the risk of being banned from that point forward.

    I understand that it may be difficult be find SEO tools for the mac, but there are many free online web-based tools that can be very effective.

    SEO is an ongoing effort. Don’t sell yourself short with these types of tactics.

  2. jens says:

    I thought this was a legitimate way to boost rankings.

    Could you please explain in what way this type of software will deceive the search engines?

    Is it because you might be using popular keywords and keywords that might not apply to your site?

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