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How to Use Twitter to Get More Traffic to Your Articles

This article is presented by guest author Jimmy Boyd:

When you write articles in virtually any niche, it goes without saying
that you are certainly hoping to get traffic from the search engines.
But just like sending an email to your list to get more traffic to
your articles, you should also Tweet the article in Twitter for extra

Although Twitter has its drawbacks relative to Facebook,
there are two great things about Twitter – it is very easy to use and
gets lots of clicks from Followers who read articles. In other words,
Twitter is optimized very well for article marketing. Social
networking is not so much about trying to sell something. It is more
about sharing information.

Many article writers may report poor results with Twitter, but this is
because they just don’t know how to build the right lists in Twitter
that get lots of clicks to their hubs. After doing some research, I
have found out some very good things about Twitter that will help your
own or any PLR articles you have to get more traffic.

Bonus Tip: If you want unlimited content without having to write all
your own articles, just Google “free PLR articles.’ You will have
plenty of people giving away articles for free. However, if you want
to get good search engine rankings from PLR articles written by
others, I strongly suggest that you do some keyword research and
rewrite the articles for best results.

First, the typical Twitter user is there for information. They are not
necessarily interested in buying anything (depends on the niche), but
they love getting and reading information. This is a key concept to
remember about social networking and perfect for article promoters.
After all, articles exist mainly to share information, which is
exactly what social networking types love to do. Thus, Twitter is the
ideal platform for increasing traffic to articles.

Second, it is very easy to find and build niche Twitter lists. Once
you have the right resources, it is literally as easy as clicking a
few buttons. Once the niche list is built, you need only Tweet your
new articles to the appropriate niche Twitter lists.

For those who want to get lots of traffic and money through article
promotion, they will need to build multiple niche lists in Twitter. A
side benefit to the technique I am about to teach is that you can
research thousands of niches and find if there is a market for that
information before writing a new hub.

There are two sites you will need to be familiar with for the rest of
this lesson:

About is good in case you need niche ideas. It is a niche-based expert
site with a mini-site for each niche. These niches are all at least
somewhat popular, as they pay their experts pretty good money to run
each niche. About has good search engine results, but the good thing
about using a social networking site like Twitter is that you do not
have to worry about search engine rankings. You will be getting
traffic from your niche Twitter lists, so search engine rankings are
not relevant to this lesson.

Twellow is a Twitter directory of Twitter users and their profiles.
Now, bear in mind that the users choose the categories that their
profiles go under, so some of the category listings are misleading. As
a result, you need to click on a profile and read some of the Tweets
first before you decide whether those Followers would be interested in
your hub.

Example: If you are writing a hub on travel to Spain, look for very
specific Twitter users who focus on travel to Spain. Very basic travel
Tweeters will be writing about travel all over the world, so this is
what I call a semi-targeted list. You want a laser-targeted list of
followers that are looking specifically for information about
travelling to Spain.

OK, so follow these steps to build niche Twitter lists that you can
use to get more traffic to your articles:

1. Start a Twitter profile for EACH niche (one profile per niche). You
are allowed to have more than one profile. You just need to use a
different email address when you open each new account. Make sure you
enter information and send a couple of Tweets before you move on to
the next steps. Yes, you will be Tweeting even though you have no
Followers just yet.

Why? Because you just look like a spammer if you try to find Followers
for a new profile that has no Tweets. For our Spain example, you can
just say something like this: “I just love sightseeing in Spain. Let’s
share our stories and travel tips.”

2. Once you have your new account/profile set up, it’s now time to
start building your list. There are various ways to find Followers in
Twitter, some good and some bad. I am giving you what I think is the
best way to find targeted niche followers for each of your hubs.

Now, go over to Twellow and use its own search engine to find lists
that are relevant to your niche. At first, find the most targeted
lists you can. The more targeted, generally the more clicks and
traffic you will get to your niche hub.

3. Now, let’s assume you have found a good Twitter user who has
targeted a niche relevant to your hub. Click on that profile and find
that user’s Followers. You will need to be logged in at Twitter to
complete this step. While logged in, you click on that user’s
Followers and start following them, yourself.

4. As you follow that user’s followers, they will receive emails to
your profile page. Invariably, a number of them will start following
you. This is the nature of social networking sites. If that Twitter
member sees that you are interested in the same topic for which he
already has an interest, he will follow you. This is painfully easy.
If you have targeted correctly, you WILL get followers. This is not
rocket science. Just follow these 4 steps to build your niche Twitter

5. The last step is just to go ahead and Tweet your articles. No, not
everyone will click and read your hub, but some will. In my testing, I
have had about 5% click through and read my articles. Write more
articles in that niche to get more clicks and traffic and also some
money from AdSense or the other affiliate programs on your blog or
article pages.

6. This last step is basically a reminder to repeat Steps 1 – 5 for more niches.

Listen. No one is going to get rich just building one article and one
niche list in Twitter. You need to expand your horizons. Multiple
articles and multiple niches are what you need to earn any kind of
sizeable income. And multiple articles within each niche allow you to
get even more traffic from those same niche lists that you build in

If you are stumped for new niches, just go to and see what
kinds of niches get enough traffic to be profitable. Then use Twellow
to find pre-existing lists within that niche.

This is really a very simple process that, while somewhat time
consuming, is a guaranteed way to take advantage of the exploding
world of social networking and get more traffic to and profit from
your articles.

For more information on this topic and how to build your Twitter lists
almost automatically and for free, you can join my Twitter marketing
team at

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