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How To Use Tweetie for Twitter Search

I’ve been using Tweetie for a while, and to me, it’s the best Twitter client. It might not be just as powerful as TweetDeck and a few others, but it’s very easy to use, it’s beautiful and it’s powerful enough (although it lacks the support of Twitter lists).

Now, in order to use the real marketing power of Twitter, it’s important that you use Twitter search. You can use the regular web based Twitter search and subscribe to your Twitter search using RSS or you can use a Twitter client.

I’ll explain how you use Twitter search with Tweetie.


Click on the search icon in the left menu.


Type the words you want to search for and hit enter.


Click on the star in the right corner in order to save the search.


In order to view the tweets, just click on the words you have searched for. They’re saved and you can find them when you click on the search icon.

When there are new tweets with the words you searched for, and you saved the search, it will appear a dot next to the search icon. When you click on the search icon, you’ll see a blue number next to your saved search. The blue number is the number of new tweets.

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