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How to use kids at Halloween to Promote your Business

As you might know already, Halloween is approaching and all the stuff related to Halloween as well. At first I thought that I should explain what Halloween is all about, but then I realized that this is a rather complex thing to do. Instead you should visit Wikipedia and read all about the history of Halloween, they do it a lot better than me.

Today, I thought that I would share a few ideas about how you can use this interesting day to promote your business or blog or whatever you are promoting. My ideas are not related to a particular business, you can probably use it on almost anything, but I am actually not sure if it`s such a good idea to use it at all.

Well, the reason why it`s not such a good idea is that it involves kids. Kids of all ages are using the days around Halloween to go trick-or-treating. They are walking from house to house in costumes, asking for treats such as candy.

If you are looking for a creative way to promote something, you can do at least three things:

You could talk to your own kids or the kids next door, and tell them that you want to advertise on their costumes. You will pay them with a lot of candy, or maybe cash. They are walking around the neighborhood with their customes and talking to a lot of people. This way people will see your name or logo, but it might be dark outside, so you`d better use a very light color if you want them to be sure to see it.

You could pay the kids to give out a flyer or something to the people that opens the door. But be sure that the kids will leave the flyer after they have received the candy, or else they might not get any candy at all. I think that people receiving flyers from kids wearing Halloween costumes might become a little upset (but maybe not).

An even more interesting approach is to just stay at home, like most people on Halloween and give out candy to all the kids that comes to your house. When you put the candy in their bag, you also put a flyer or a note or something along with the candy. So when they come home and open their bag to see all their candy, they will see the flyer and it should say something like “please give this to your mom or dad”. This way, the kids won`t just throw it away. They will give it to their parents and they will see your offer or whatever you are advertising. Well, their parents might get a little upset when they see that you have been using their kids to deliver an ad, but you did give them candy so why not…

As I wrote earlier, I am not saying that you should do any of the above, but I just came up with the idea as we are closing in on Halloween. And it would be interesting to see if one of them would work, but I am not using kids in my marketing.

Have a great Halloween!

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