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How to use Feedburner on WordPress

I am using FeedBurner to handle all my feeds, this is first and foremost to ensure that everybody that wants to subscribe to my feeds can do this with ease. I am not very technical so I am not sure if I would have a problem (because many of my readers would have trouble subscribing to my feeds) if I didnīt use Feedburner. But as far as I know, FeedBurner is both free and they offer a great service to bloggers and readers. So I am sticking with them.

Even though I am a little conserned about what will happen to my feeds (and my subscribers) if FeedBurner someday will vanish? Would I have to setup a new feedservice somewhere else and bring all my subscribers back to my website and make them subscribe again? That would be hard to do, and I would probably lose many subscribers on the way. Hopefully feedBurner will stay with us for a long time.

This post is really not about my conserns regarding FeedBurner, but how to best install the FeedBurner service on your wordpress blog. At first I got the code from FeedBurner and then I installed pasted it into my sidebar. But then readers had to click on my sidebar Feedburner link to actually subscribe through Feedburner. On most webbrowsers today, you can subscribe to feeds directly in the browser (you get an rss icon at the addressbar), if you subscribe through that icon (doubleclick it) you will not be subscribing through FeedBurner. This is because wordpress has a built in feature to provide feeds.

I thought about this for a little while and decided to go hunting for a wordpress plugin that could help me with my feeds, and I found one after a few minutes. The plugin is called FeedBurner Plugin and what it does is forward all your feedtraffic to FeedBurner. This way you have full control and all your subscribers will be at one place (they might be using many feedreaders, but still they are at FeedBurner and you will know how many are reading your feeds every day).

The plugin was really easy to install (like every plugin for wordpress) and it started working right away. Instead of copy and paste from the FeedBurner codes, download and install the FeedBurner Plugin for WordPress and you will more control of your feeds and your subscribers will get more features than before (FeedBurner has some interesting features you can use for free).

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