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How to use Facebook status for Marketing purposes

Most people are using Facebook to stay in touch with friends and find new friends, at least that`s what it seems to me. Currently, I am using Facebook about once a day, just to see what`s happening – if new applications are added and to see how my friends are using it. Well, I must admit that I am a little curious when it comes to what my friends are up to as well.

But if you think about Facebook as a way to promote yourself and your business (or blog), I think that using the status updates is an interesting approach. I haven`t done this myself yet, but I think you can do it and I think it might be something you might want to consider.


Most people, at least from what I can see, are using the status updates as a way to tell other people what they are doing right this moment. They are either:

… or they are using the status updates to show their friends what kind of mood they are in, and they are either:

But what if you use the status updates to tell your friends that you are:

What I am trying to say, is that you could be more specific on what you are actually doing. Instead of attending a conference, tell them exactly what you are attending. Instead of writing that you are blogging, tell them exactly what the topic of your article will be about. This way, your friends will know more about what you are doing, and they might be more impressed and they might even visit your blog.

… but you can also use the Facebook status updates to express your opinions, like:

If you are involved in a home based business, you could be using status updates to tell your friends how you are doing:

There are so many interesting ways to use the status updates at Facebook, the only problem is that most of the people reading yours will be your friends. They might not be interested in your blog or your business, they might only be interested in you as a friend and what you are doing with your life and how your family is and so on.

I don`t know this, but if you use the status updates too much as a way to promote yourself and your business, you might end up getting banned. I have not heard of anyone being banned for that yet. but there is a first for everything.

Be aware, you can get banned for having too many contacts or if you publish breastfeeding images or if you use a name that is not your legal first and last name and there are many other reasons why you can get banned by Facebook.

I always find creative ways to use your Facebook status interesting, please post a comment if you have a funny one or an example of how you should use the Facebook status updates.

… and remember, I will always confirm you as a friend if you add me.

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