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How to use Britney Spears

You have probably read all there is to read about Britney Spears. I am not a fan of gossip, and I am not usually reading stories like what I am presenting to you today, but I just felt an urge to do it.


This story is in Norwegian, and it’s from the most read Norwegian newspaper. The headline goes like this: “The stars best friend is dead”.

It’s a picture of Britney Spears with another person and the word best friend and dead. I thought that her best friend was dead, and I felt really sorry for her. Because she’s been thru hell lately, and now her best friend is dead. Wow.

But the guy who died was Johnny Grant, and he was not her best friend. He was actually the man responsible for unveiling of new stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, that’s the reason why they used the headline “The stars best friend…”.

But why did they put a picture of him and Britney Spears and not some other celebrity?

Well, I can think of a reason or two.

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