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How to use American Idol to promote Your products

I am currently watching the Norwegian Idol, and like a lot of people in Norway, I have seen a new TV advertisement for Euronics. They are using finalists from the Norwegian Idol of 2005 to promote their company and their products (but they are not using the winner of 2005).

I find this kind of advertisements a little weird. For one thing, I had forgotten all about the finalists and I think most people had. Well, until they saw this ad on TV. I recognized the finalists as soon as they told me in the ad that they were in fact a finalist in Norwegian Idol. Yes, each one of them had to tell me in order for me to remember.

What’s the point of the ad?

Is it supposed to be funny or are they serious and think that this will increase their sales, and if they are serious do they think that an advertisement like this will get any attention among the audience and help Euronics sell their products? Well, I think that the ad is supposed to be funny, even though the finalists from 2005 might not know this. And of course, it might have something to do with my age.

I might be a little too old for this advertisement, they might be targeting kids between 12 and 20 or so. And what do I know, maybe they love it? The most important reason for why I find it weird, is that it’s kind of hard to say if they actually are funny or not.

How would I use a show like American Idol to promote my products? I am using American Idol as an example, but the same applies to the same show in other countries. The difference is that American Idol has very expensive ads, and it’s close to impossible to become either a sponsor of the show or buy ads for when the program is on.

It might not be allowed to use American Idol to promote your products if you are not an official sponsor, so what I am about to tell you might not be something you can actually do. But I am telling you anyway…

If I had little money, but enough to promote a product on TV or in newspapers/magazines (or maybe even a banner) and I wanted to use American Idol to promote it. I think that humor is the only way to do it. I think that I would find some of the family members of the American Idol finalists, and hopefully for last years finalists, not all the way back to 2005. I would use humor, and make a slogan like

My brother was one of the finalists of American Idol, and all I got was this perfume


My son was a finalist at American Idol, he had a really bad breath as a kid, but today because of this new bubble gum….

Well, something like that. You can switch the perfume or bubble gum with your own product.

It should be a lot cheaper to get some of the family members for an ad, but as I said before I am not sure about the rules. Probably you can’t use the word American Idol or any members of any family connected to the TV show 🙂

… but it would be funny, wouldn’t it?

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