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How To Track Your Tweets Using a Calendar

There are two reason why you should consider tracking your own tweets.

First. By tracking your tweets, you’ll get an overview of what you’ve published. This way you’ll see the broader picture of your tweets. How many tweets you’ve published during the week/month, what time of the day you’ve published them, and what type of tweets you’ve published.

You’ll learn a lot by looking at your own tweets. Sometimes you’ll get embarrassed, sometimes you’ll get proud. It’s a lot easier to learn from your own mistakes when you track your own tweets.

Second. By tracking your tweets you’ll keep your history. At least a few times a day, I tweet about some new resources and share some interesting links with my followers. Many times I forget to bookmark what I tweet. When you track your own tweets you’ll get easy access to the history of your tweets, and you can find everything you’ve tweeted.

I’ve only been tracking my tweets for the past two days, but once I started, I was surprised that I hadn’t realized how to do this earlier.

I am using iCal, but you can also use other similar calendars, like the Google calendar and Mozilla Sunbird. Or you can even use RSS, and receive your own tweets in your rss reader.

I’m using a system called Twistory. It’s easy and free, and so far, it works great.

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