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How to track your comments

I have been leaving comments at many blogs without ever checking if somebody wrote a comment on any of my comments. When I think of this now, it sort of like what’s the point of me leaving the comments if I never check what happens to my comments? In my opinion, if you leave comments on blogs, you should follow-up on them. That’s sort of the whole point of the comments.

But how do you follow-up or track your comments to see if there are any new comments on the same post and if somebody has left a comment about your comment and so on? As I see it there are at least three methods to do this, at the moment I use two of them. There are probably many other ways as well, but to me two of the methods are good enough for me.

First, what I used to do right up until a few weeks ago (or maybe a couple of months ago) was that I visited the posts I had left comments on manually. Yes, I bookmarked the post and came back a few days or so later to see if anybody had responded to my post. If they had, I might leave another comment. This was a rather hard way to check up on my comments, and sometimes I would forget to visit the posts, it would seem that if I actually saw other people’s response to my comments it was pure luck.

So, when I found blogs that used the comments plugin where I could be notified by e-mail when somebody left a comment, my world of comments sort of turned up side down. It was so much easier than before. But the only problem was that not that many blogs use the plugin. This leaves me at the third and best way to track my comments.

Use co.mments to track them all. It’s so easy, just get an account (it’s free) and get the bookmarklet for any browser (I think it works for all the major browsers). When you are at a post where you are going to leave a comment (or you have just left a comment), just click on the bookmarklet and it will get stored at your account. You can either log in to your account at co.mments to check it once a day or so to see if there are any new comments to the posts that you are tracking or you can do something that’s a lot easier. You can subscribe to the RSS feed of your account. When a new comment arrives at any of the posts you are tracking, you will get notified in your feed reader.

I don’t know if it can get any easier than that. I save so much time tracking my comments this way, I just can’t thank co.mments enough for leaving this great tool free and available for us all.

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