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How To Track Your Blog Comments

One of the best ways to get free traffic to your website or blog, is to join a conversation on another blog. Leave comments, and people will come to your websites. And the more useful comments you write, the more people will visit. But in order to get even more traffic and authority in the blogosphere, you need to follow up your comments.

You should never just leave a comment, and not go back and answer any questions you might get. That’s not only rude, but you will loose some credibility.

In order to know when someone asks you a question, or leave a new comment in the same conversation as you have joined, you need to track your comments.

I have been tracking my comments for a while, actually, I wrote that you should use co.mments back in February 2007. But lately, I have been lazy… and I admit that I actually forgot about co.mments. Once again, I started to track all my comments, but I didn’t remember how to check if any new comments arrived at the conversations that I was tracking.

Finally, I found a video that explained it to me. You need to see this one if you want to understand how to track your blog comments, it’s really easy, and it’s free.

2 responses to “How To Track Your Blog Comments”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Downloading WLW now.. So far the install process is annoying. It seems to be taking it’s time checking if I have any other live installations… In other words, they are checking to see if I stole my copy of windows LOL [i did not]

  2. Jens says:

    It was fast and easy to install for me, but that’s probably because my computer was brand new 🙂

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