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How to start a successful blog

I have been thinking a lot about how to start a successful blog lately. Most of the people I’ve talked to, who are successful today, started out doing a lot of mistakes with their blogs. Don’t get me wrong. I have done a lot of mistakes as well. But, today I’ll be telling you the 7 features on how to start a successful blog, based on my own experience.


There are many different things you need to understand when it comes to blogging and how to start a successful blog. But, there are at least 7 things I’ll share with you today, in no specific order.

High quality content

I’ll start with what might be most obvious to you on how to start a successful blog. No matter what niche your writing about. No matter what genre. You need high quality content. Your readers should want to read it. Your content doesn’t have to educate, it can be entertaining, it all depends on what your readers are looking for.

A unique voice

There are thousands of blogs with high quality content. You need to stand out from the crowd, by offering something unique. It doesn’t have to be your content. But it has to be your voice. When people are reading your content, they need to understand that it’s you. I’m thinking that every person reading your blog, should immediately understand that you’re the author, and you’re writing to them. It’s hard, and sometimes it will feel impossible. The more you write, the easier it will get to find a unique voice.

Premium wordpress theme

I have been switching between different designs. And, at the moment, I am using a minimalist blog design. I have made the switch because I want to focus more on the words and less on everything else. I am not saying that it’s the right thing to do for you. It all depends on your goal with blogging. But, no matter if you go for a blog with a plain and simple design like mine, or something in the opposite direction, you should use a premium wordpress theme. A high quality blog design makes your blog look a lot more professional.

Keep a schedule of your blog posts

You should always have a plan on how to start a successful blog. Focus on one goal. I write every single day, and at the moment, I publish new blog posts every single day as well. I’m not saying that you need to do the same. And, your goal might be completely different from mine. But, what you should do is always to have a schedule for your blog posts. It works, even if you publish once a week, or even less. Create your topics, do the research, and keep a time and date for when you publish. It makes it easier to finish, and it makes it a better experience for your regular readers. They know when to expect it.

Have fun blogging

One of the most important aspects of how to start a successful blog is to have fun. It’s really hard to do anything great or remarkable if you’re not having fun. That’s one of the reasons why I still keep commenting on blogs as part of my strategy. I recommend that you read 12 best reasons why you should comment on blogs, to get all the other reasons why it’s still important. If you’re not having fun blogging, you won’t be blogging for long. I almost added this as one of the seven things you need to do, but I’m adding it to having fun blogging. You should never quit. It takes time to get good results blogging. Keep having fun, don’t stop, even though you don’t see good results the first months.

Build strong relationships

You need to share value in order to create strong relationships. Without strong relationships; let’s just say that I can’t see how to start a successful blog without them. You need help, you need comments and feedback. If you comment on blogs, you’ll add value, and that’s something the owner and the author will remember. Things change fast in the world of blogging, and you need a team to help you see what’s happening, and you need people to help you build your blog. Focus on building a tribe.

Get social proof

Finally, this is also related to building strong relationships, and comments on your blog. The more comments you have, the better you’re off. People who visit your blog will look at you as successful, because of the comments. The same goes if people are sharing and liking your content on social media. It looks good. People see that there are things happening on your blog. It’s hard for most people to look at your blog as successful, if they won’t see any comments or any shares or likes on social media. Social proof helps you to get more readers and it helps you get more advertisers.

How to start a successful blog. Your turn.

So far, I’ve been doing the writing. I have listed the 7 features I believe you need in order to answer the question on how to start a successful blog. Do you have anything else to add to the list? I’d really enjoy a discussion. Is one of the 7 more important, and what’s your experience?

17 responses to “How to start a successful blog”

  1. Hi Jens-Petter.

    Nice article. I’d say that the first two points are the most important, as they are what will make you blog truly stand out.

    Building a tribe is also very important, as I’m learning. That’s very much involved in my strategy, as I’m about to start blogging much more.


    • Hi Nathan,

      I’m sorry for the late reply. I agree with you. We need to focus on being who we are online. We are all unique, and if we just stay true to who we are, we’ll find that unique voice as well. The problem is that it’s tempting to do exactly what other successful people are doing and trying to copy their way to success. We should copy some, but not their personalities.

  2. Michael Lenzini says:

    Hi Jens-Petter,
    I just was pointed to your site by a friend. In reading this blog, I got a bit confused. You mention going to a minimalist design (which I really like) and I followed the link to your other post in which you stated not to use a premium WordPress theme. That seems to contradict your statement here to do so.
    For clarification, which WP theme are you using here that is a minimalist theme?

    • Hi Michael,

      I understand why you’re a bit confused. I’m using the Genesis framework, with a Studiopress theme. But, right now, I’m using a theme by Brian Gardner (the designer for Studiopress). It’s not part of the premium themes at Studiopress (you need to sign up for his blog to get the theme), but you do need the Genesis framework to use it.

      My point is that I believe we need a premium theme to stand out from the crowd. It can be a minimalist, like I’m using right now, but it shouldn’t be one that “everybody” is using. The quality of the theme/the coding should be good (that’s also part of why I am recommending a premium theme instead of a free one). The coding will for example make the theme fast, not just that it looks good.

      Does this makes sense?


  3. BRIAN says:

    Great site….

    Found you on a bloggers site shout me loud?

    Hope to connect

    im a blogger too

  4. BRIAN says:

    Hiya Jens

    I have a 1 year old health blog. Started it as a documentation for my eczema skin problem and allergies…

    Basically about digestion issues….

    Trying hard now to monetise it…maybe I will pursue podcasting on it too…talking to health experts about nutrition etc

    What day job do you do?

    • That’s interesting.

      I have been working as the head of marketing at a Volvo dealership, but switching jobs now in January to community development. I have just written a post about it. It’s at the front page.


  5. BRIAN says:

    Trying to get a part time job in the community like support worker for special needs. Just recovering from adrenal fatigue so I need to take it easy…..

    loads of rest…..

    I am trying to start my Reiki Healing therapy service too….its a Japanese energy healing

    Is Oslo nice? its my dream to visit Norway…after Iceland….these two places are tops on the list…..

    Is stress level there pretty low? good life

    • Keep doing your best and you’ll eventually get the job. I’ve never heard of Reiki Healing, I need to Google it. But it sure sounds interesting with Japanese energy healing.

      Oslo is nice, I live just apx. 1 hour by car from Oslo. A city called Halden, on the border to Sweden. The stress level in Halden is pretty low. Not sure about Oslo though.

  6. BRIAN says:


    been to Holland… pretty nice place….calm…serene…

    Must be the same there?

    Good luck with the sales job and the blog…

    I will keep in touch!

  7. BRIAN says:

    I live in Surrey England

    Give me a shout via email sometime…for ideas about blogging and online income… would love to learn from bloggers too….

  8. BRIAN says:

    oh i see my reply via email still got posted on here

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