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How to say no without feeling guilty

Saying yes can have an unimaginable impact. Being positive can change your world. Being positive can have the power to change other people’s worlds. Yes, is such a powerful word. Nevertheless, if you’re saying yes to everything, you won’t have contol of your life. You won’t have the power to pursue your goals.

You need to say no, sometimes. The question is; how to say no without feeling guilty? Here is a method you can use, that most likely will help you not feeling guilty saying no.

First. Say you need to think about it

You need to actually think about it. It’s not just something you’ll say. But, when you tell them that you’ll think about it, people will understand that you are geniune and that you really want to help. Explain why you need to think about your answer. You might have many different reasons why you can’t say yes immediately. Explain it.

Second. Explain why you can’t say yes

Most people will understand a no, if you just explain the reason. You’ve thought about the options. They know you did. If you don’t have the time to help, or if you don’t have the money, just say it. Be nice, and add as much details as you can, when you explain why yes is not an option.

Third. Recommend a solution

No is never a good answer to the person asking. They need help. But, instead of saying yes, recommend a different solution. Recommend a different person, a person that might say yes. Or, maybe you’ve discovered a different way of doing things? You might help solve their problem without having to spend much time. Be sure that you don’t get as involved as you would have been saying yes. You need to focus on the reason why you’re saying no. If lack of time is the reason, don’t spend as much time with a no, as you’d be spending with a yes.

One response to “How to say no without feeling guilty”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    I’ve had to say no a lot lately due to my overwhelmingly busy schedule trying to finish my product and get it out on time next month. I’ve had to back down to only posting once a week and only commenting on blogs the first three days of the week. Everyone else has to wait until then because I have to focus the last two days and the weekend on getting this product finished.

    Although it’s always great to be interviewed and I’m always flattered when someone approaches me, I know it could help with the release of my product but right now I just can’t seem to fit all of that into my schedule.

    Luckily for me I have a great excuse and I’ve had to turn a lot of things away right now. People understand though and they appreciate the truth. That’s really all that’s necessary.

    Great advice my friend and it’s something we’ll all have to do eventually.

    Hope you’re enjoying your week and have a good one.


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