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How To Remember

I have been struggling for years in order to find a method that works in order to remember all my ideas, and to turn them into something valuable, either as a blog post, an article or part of my novel or whatever I believe is valuable.

Different methods

I have been testing different methods, and I have been taking notes about ideas and ideas about notes.

Everything I have been testing actually works, and at the same time, it’s like everything is a failure. It’s because I haven’t found a method to grab the idea, no matter what I’m doing, and save it, and use it later, when I have the time and inspiration to do something about it.

I’ve been reading Chris Brogan’s blog posts about organizing and thinking, I’ve read the 100 powerful web tools to organize your thoughts and ideas, and I’ve even read 20 apps to organize your thoughts.

The problem is that I’m not online all the time, sometimes when I get an idea worth storing, I’m out walking, I’m eating breakfast, I’m in the movie theatre, and some of my most interesting thoughts appears to me when I’m at the toilet.

I was using my iPhone to take notes almost anywhere, but it wasn’t the perfect solution, although evernote did a great job. Now my iPhone is dead and I’m looking for an alternative method.

Use whatever

It doesn’t matter what I’m doing and where I am, as long as I remember my thoughts and the ideas worth remembering. I can use a napkin if I don’t have anything else, or I can use the back of an envelope. I can also use my mobile phone, or my moleskine notebook. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I use whatever at hand, then a method to stay organized, a way to always get my thoughts back to the final delivere point.

The final delivery point

Let’s say I come up with a specific idea and it’s going to be a blog post. Then, the final delivery point is my wordpress blog. That’s where it should end up. But when I only have the idea on the back of a napkin, I’m thinking that I need to store it somewhere else before adding it to wordpress.

I guess, using a software like Things, Evernote, or Google Notebook or even one of the 17 noteworthy alternatives is what it all comes down to.

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