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How to print a hard copy version of your kindle book

print a hard copy of your kindle book

I have written a few fiction stories, one of them is called Fuzzy, and it’s available for free on my blog, and it’s also available for free on Kindle and on iBooks. Fuzzy is written in English, and it’s a short story, apx. 40 pages. But, I have also written a novel about a serial killer. I wrote a blog post a while ago saying that a serial killer is going to make this year a fantastic year. And I was right.

I have received a lot of great feedback. And, I’d love to continue to write, and hopefully I’ll have the time to write another novel.

Some of the feedback I have received have been from people not using a mobile device, like an iPhone or an iPad, or a Kindle. They want to be able to read the book like a traditional book. At first, I didn’t think that I was going to do any research, because I had decided that I wasn’t going to make it available as a traditional book. But, I want my parents to read it. And, printing the book, is the only option.

Create Space

So far, I have discovered that CreateSpace should be the easiest option as it’s owned by Amazon. And, I’ve read somewhere that it’s as easy to create a hardcover version of the book as it was to create a Kindle version of it – and I have to admit that it was fairly easy.

It would be great if I could just log in to Amazon, and export my book to CreateSpace, but I doubt that it will be that easy. I will keep you updated.

What I’m going to do is to print a few copies, for my family. That’s it.

Have you tried CreateSpace, or a different service? And what do you recommend. Remember, I’m only going to print a few copies.

9 responses to “How to print a hard copy version of your kindle book”

  1. Carol Morgan says:

    Thanks for the information. I just published a book, “Sleeping Your Way to Success” on Kindle.

  2. Sonia says:

    Serial killer? Now this is a book I have got to read on my kindle. I love mysteries and stories about true crime. Fact or fictional. Was create space very expensive and an easy process?

    • Hi Sonia,
      Unfortunately, the book is in Norwegian 🙂
      I was suppose to get the hardcover just before I left for vacation, but I still haven’t done it. So, I don’t know. But, I’ll do it in a few weeks. Just need to get some work done first.

  3. Levon says:

    It’s amazing that people can come out and enjoy themselves by writing something meaningful and actually releasing it without a huge book deal we really are in the future.

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