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How To Master Social Media With A Powerful Blog Post

I start each day with complete silence. And gratitude. I think about what I’m grateful for; things that makes me happy. It can be tiny details, sometimes things I’ve experienced in the past, other times it can be people I’ve met and that I’m blessed to be part of my life.

I used to start each day by looking at my to-do list and plan my day. But, not anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still plan each day, just not first thing in the morning.

Complete silence turns into writing

Being grateful every day is what makes me start smiling (very) early in the morning. After thinking about how wonderful life is, I start writing. That’s how this blog post got started.

I always start each morning to look for opportunities to help others. I ask myself; what can I do today that’ll make others happy?

That’s also how I start my writing. Sometimes, it might not look like much, but I always have a goal in mind. It’s the same when it comes to social media. The goal is the same, but the method is different.

The important part to remember is that social media is social. It’s you at a party. You shouldn’t be talking about yourself all the time, listen, be interested in what others have to say. That’s part of why I changed my blogging direction. But, in the end, what it comes down to for me, is me sharing something I believe is helpful for others.

I write every morning. I don’t publish a new blog post every day, but I could do it if I wanted to, and I have tried.

You need 1 home

I believe every business should have a blog and that you should think of your blog as your home. It’s where you live, and it’s where you want your visitors to experience you. Define your home. Your home should reflect your personality; it’s part of your identity. You are in control.

master social media by defining your 1 home

When I decided to close the comments on my blog, I was thinking that I could be having all the discussions in social media instead of on my blog. But, I was wrong. I need the discussions, but the best place to discuss my articles is my home. I own my home, and I can decide exactly what to do.

I’ll still discuss “everything” in social media, but it’s not the place to move the discussions related to my articles.

You need 1 goal

First. You need to define why you are blogging; what do you want to accomplish? I believe you need one goal for your blog. That’s it. You need to define it, and make it part of your identity. Second. Write blog posts related to that one goal. Third. Publish it on social media, but make people come to your blog to read it.

Finally. Ask yourself; how do you measure improvements? You need to relate your improvements to your 1 goal.

Final words

You’ll master social media by defining your one thing, and by being persistent and continue to strive for success in your one thing. It’s part of your 1 home, and your 1 goal.

Let’s discuss. Do you believe, like me, that we need 1 home and 1 goal?

9 responses to “How To Master Social Media With A Powerful Blog Post”

  1. Brenda Lee says:

    I think you’re absolutely right Jens. By the way, is that your home? It’s beautiful. Having a HOME and a GOAL is key to your business and/or blogging (even if you’re a hobby) blogger. I have been all over the place this past year with blogging but over the weekend, I had an awakening. The direction I chose to take for the New Year just wasn’t right. I felt it was in my head, but my heart and gut said otherwise. For here on, it’s one HOME for me. Not more double dipping.

    Thanks for your inspirational article!

    • Hey Brenda,

      I’ve also been all over the place, and it does have some benefits of being everywhere. But, if you have a clear goal and a home, things will get a lot better. That’s my experience.

      The home on the picture is not mine, but it’s where my parents live.


  2. Yea! I’m so glad you have comments back, Jens! This home felt very lonely without visitors. Your writing invites conversation so I’m thrilled to be able to join in the discussions.

    Thank you for welcoming us into your home.

  3. I’ve never entertained the idea of shutting down comments for the very reason you mentioned. One’s blog is hopefully their home, even if you have more than one blog (I have 4), and writing posts invites people into that home so why not be hospitable.

    Interesting post about having a goal for each blog. I used to have goals for most of my blogs but the only ones that have ever stuck are writing goals. So much other stuff is out of control, especially being a traveling consultant where sometimes the best I can do is write my posts, respond to comments if I get any, and have each first post go to Twitter (my business blog’s posts also show up on LinkedIn). Still, I guess I’m reaching out, in my own way, towards my goal of making myself relevant in some fashion; now there’s a deep subject! 🙂

    • Hey Mitch,

      I have three blogs, but I have only been active on one of them and that’s this one. I keep thinking about the different goals, and now I’m thinking that I should have writing goals like you instead of focusing so much on the content and the traffic.

      Thanks for your comment, and Merry Christmas.


  4. Hi Jens-Petter.

    That was food for thought.

    I have been going through that same process of late, re-assessing the purpose and goal of my blog. As a result, I’m long overdue a post, but I now have a clear focus for 2015.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


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