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How to make money blogging, by not focusing on making money blogging

I started a blog on the topic of how to make money blogging. I got hustled by a person, who told me that blogging was an easy way to earn money online. I soon realized that, I shouldn’t be focusing on the reason I started blogging. Soon after, I started a journey learning from other people, and doing my best to help share what I’ve learned.

That’s what got me where I am today.

My blog is about business blogging, and I have written about my personal experience working at a University and how I ended up as a solopreneur, and everything I’m going to do in 2014. I do my best to become a better writer, and to create stories that get people interested in marketing. I try to explain complex issues by creating stories that most people can relate to and will understand.

I have targeted professional blogs, to find people I can learn from. And, I have connected with some of the best people in the business. Learning from them, made me realize that the only way for me to turn my blogging into a business, is to make money by focusing on creating relationships and a network of like-minded people who are genuine interested in what I have to offer, and then start shipping my products and services via my blog.

I have thought about using three other methods:

But, to me, blogging is more about selling my own products and services. I haven’t created much, other than a novel called Lizarraga and a short story called Fuzzy.

I wrote Lizarraga, my first novel, in Norwegian. And, I wrote Fuzzy in English. I haven’t been earning much money from either of the stories, but this is part of my business strategy in 2014.

I’ll be creating my own products, and I will be making money from blogging, by not focusing on making money from blogging.

Let me ask you this:

Do you create your own products, or do you offer your service via your blog?

15 responses to “How to make money blogging, by not focusing on making money blogging”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Jens, Everyone thinks it is so easy to make money blogging but it takes a lot of work and time. I do a little of it via my eBook and I make the most via Sponsored Tweets. I love their program and it is so easy to use. I hope to make more this year either through affiliates or other sources like Fiverr and ads. I want to be choosey on which ads I would put on the blog though. They must be relevant to my readers 🙂
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas Jens – I can’t believe it is almost here!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I have never tried Sponsored Tweets. It sounds interesting. How many sponsored tweets do you send each week?

      Merry Christmas Lisa. I’ve bought all the Christmas gifts, and I am getting ready 🙂

  2. Leora Wenger says:

    Hi, Jens. I make money by providing a service – that is, building and/or managing websites. But a side biz has been teaching people blogging. And as you say, it’s too easy to get caught up in the “how do I make money” part and not first learn how to create a great blog.

    • Hi Leora,

      When you are providing a service like you are doing, then, blogging is a great way to promote your business. And, that’s exactly what I’ll be focusing on as well. I will be using my blog to promote my services and my products. I started out with a business model that was focusing on making money directly from my blog, and that was really hard.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      – Jens

  3. Duc says:

    How about making money from building personal relationships and helping people personally develop and grow? May you would have better success and feel better going out and talking with people one on one and face to face. There is something about talking with real live people that is more exciting than through a computer.

  4. Khaja Moin says:

    Jens, excellent write-up man!

    Only way to make money without thinking about is, to start giving quality work which will gather lots of users of our niche. Because the best way to survive in blogging without making lots of money is to make lots of users happy! which in turn make you happy.

    Money? Yes it follows when you’ve users. NO DOUBT!


  5. Ed King says:

    Good Morning Jens! Hope the holidays are well for you and your family.

    Good topic here and one that caught my eye really quick, my site does make money and has provided me with opportunities to expand.

    The real question for me is what makes me happy, for me that is creating artistic prints for me and sharing information I have learned along the way.

    I got so focused on growing my business in 2013 it consumed every aspect of my time. I started thinking not just about creating but how I could create and spin that into a blog post. I feel about 6 months ago it turned into something I didn’t enjoy as much which made me decide I was going to come at 2014 for all the reasons I started this in the first place. I am going to continue to focus on creating the work that makes happy first and not creating work to support a blog post I dreamed up. Although both creative I enjoy the first much more and that means everything to me.

    Money and community support is great but the most important part is truly being happy with what we do.

  6. Jon Rhodes says:

    Hi Jens. I set up my blog in part to promote my hypnotherapy affiliate program. My blog is an affiliate marketing blog. I figured that if I gave away loads of useful advice, I would attract affiliate marketers, and some would be interested in my affiliate programs. Seems to be working well. I’ve developed some good relationships with people who sell my products and I often help them sell more by suggesting changes to their sites, different tactics etc. After all, their success is also my success.

  7. Nisha says:

    Hi Jens,

    This is my first time here and what you say about telling stories to simplify complex issues, and building relationships find resonance with what I believe as well. I would like to add though that consistency plays a huge part as well. I am a freelance writer and I often find myself slipping into complacency when I have a lot of work and panicking when I don’t. Providing value and connecting with others must be a consistent endeavor regardless of how your business is performing at different times.

    This is something that has really hit hard this year for me and my focus next year is going to be helping others in whichever way I can and also building relationships. I wish you the best for 2014. And Happy Holidays :).

  8. I think we should try both of them (of course, depends upon our time. If we have lot of free time, then there is no harm is trying both opportunities..given that we are willing to lose some investment. We may not necessarily succeed the first time, right?)

    I haven’t done either of them, but I am planning to do both of them in the future (well, in the upcoming year).

    First thing is product itself: I am planning to write a Kindle book (thanks to Steve from Steve scott site for inspiration!) and then start a writing service by Dec 2014.

    But, lot more things to do before I can start working on those goals: build my blog, my email list, then start niche blogging.

    Yes, 2014 is full of ambitions, and hopefully I will accomplish those goals (I am planning to do..and I know I can. My previous attempts, and the mistakes I learned from them gives me an edge :D).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing your goals, Jens 🙂 Good luck with them 😀

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jens. Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

  9. Chris says:

    Exactly. I run a part time Income tax business out of my home focusing on marketing locals. My nephew did my website and taught me the basics of SEO. After 3 years, I want ti take my business to the next level. I am trying to figure out ways to get direct traffic from my back link sites. Right now I use Facebook for direct traffic contacting.ChrisOwnerCEL Financial ServicesTax Return PreparerRegistered bonded California CTEC Tax Preparer

  10. Heru Prasetyono says:

    When I first started blogging. I dreamt I could make money easily from blogging. But then I find that make money is not the only reason why I make a blog.
    If I focus on making a blog for money, then I will be burdened. Blogging is actually more than making money. There are many things I can get and learn from blogging.
    In blogging I can meet many people, I can improve my writing and how to communicate with others in better way.
    Good posting and sharing. This is another motivation for me.

  11. Services de référencement de site internet says:

    I think winning money by blogging is one of the hardest thing to do on the internet. It takes years to get a good public for your website. You get spammed by so much websites, you have to have a good SEO to rank well on google and get visitors, … its a tough job really

  12. Amit Kumar says:

    The title of this is strange but very interesting and attractive. We need to always keep in mind that if we will only focus on money making then we can’t get the trust of readers but if we will get the trust of readers by providing them valuable information the money will surely come to us.

    These three mentioned ways (Affiliate marketing, Selling advertisements and Promoting a multi-level marketing company) are much useful, specially Affiliate marketing.

    Selling own products and services is also a effective way but it require some strong tactics. thanks for this nice share.

    I got this post on and become forced to read complete post. I really enjoyed this post 🙂

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