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How To Interrupt Blog Visitors

I have read Permission Marketing by Seth Godin a number of times. It’s an excellent book, and it reveals strategies regarding how to promote and sell anything. We need permission and we need to build trust.

Now, what’s really interesting about the book, is that we also need to interrupt in order to receive permission. We need to grab attention first, by interrupting, then we get the permission and build the trust. One of the easiest way to do this is by building a list of people interesting in what you have to offer, and use this list of people to build relationships and communicate with direct responsive copywriting.

My question to you today, is how should we interrupt blog visitors?

Some of the methods bloggers are using to grab attention are just annoying, and they force their visitors to leave and never come back. Other methods are not as annoying, but less effective.

I have just received information about the release of Taking Down a Suicidal Blogger (aff. link), a very interesting report, 35 pages, about how to build your list (and earn money from it). It reveals several interesting ways to build a list, by adding footer, popover, subscription box etc.. It discusses what works and what doesn’t work.


I am still using AWeber ( for my e-mail newsletter, and I’m still using a lightbox provided to me by AWeber in order to interrupt my first-time visitors. It looks like this:

It shows the first time a person visits my blog, and it shows after 15 seconds. This is the only time it will be visible on my blog. The next time they visit, it won’t show (well, unless they clear their cookies).

I’m very satisfied with this lightbox, the results are great. I get between 10 and 15 new subscribers every single day.

I know it’s a little annoying. I think it’s annoying. But it works.

I’m not sure how annoying people think this is, and if it’s so annoying that they will just leave before they’ve read my article. What do you think?

Are pop-overs and lightboxes very annoying?

Footer Ads

I have never used a footer ad, but I’ve seen them on many blogs. I don’t find them very annoying. They always grabs my attention, but I’m not sure of the effects. Ultimate Footer Ad (aff. link) is one of the most well-known footer ads, and it looks cool.

What’s your verdict of footer ads, are they just annoying or effective?

Corner Ads

There are two types of corner ads. There is something called Peel Away Ads (aff. link), they’re usually placed in the top right corner. I always see them, but that’s probably because I’m looking for them. I have never subscribed to a newsletter because I’ve clicked on a peel away ad, so, I’m not sure if they’re really that effective.

The second type of corner ads is Corner Stay Ads (aff. link). They’re placed in the bottom right corner. This is a rather new method, and as with peel away ads, I see them whenever I visit a blog that uses them. The difference is the design and that you can put any type of content, like video and audio inside. It looks cool, they’re less interruptive, but effective?

Subscription box

I have tried many types of subscription boxes. Some with images, some with just content, some with big letter and some with fairly small letters. When I use AWeber (aff. link) it’s very easy to create a professional looking subscription box, and it’s fairly easy to place them in the sidebar or just below the blog posts.

They’re not interruptive, not annoying, but not very effective. Or what do you think?


One of the nicest, and least interruptive ways to grab the attention of blog visitors is to use banners. But I believe it’s also one of the least effective methods. I have tested a few banners for my newsletter and I received very few new subscribers, just 2 – 3 a week.

All of the above

To be really effective, some people are using all of the methods above. I believe that if you combine several methods, like they explain in Taking Down a Suicidal Blogger (aff. link) you’ll end up with a lot more subscribers to your newsletter, but using several methods at the same time is very interruptive and considered an aggressive method to get subscribers. But, to many people, this is how they earn money. That’s the difference between a marketer and an ordinary blogger.

At the moment I’m only using a lightbox, but I’m also considering a subscription box.

I’m still looking for a method that’s not annoying, a method that doesn’t interrupt my visitors too much, and a method that should be effective when it comes to get people to subscribe to my newsletter.

What kind of method do you prefer?

3 responses to “How To Interrupt Blog Visitors”

  1. This is really an interesting topic. It is really tricky to find out what is really the happy medium. I don’t believe there is a happy medium here. Some users may find the lightbox annoying and others won’t.

    If you only show it once (first visit) and never again, are you really maximizing the potential? I guess the answer is really no. Usually on the first visit, they won’t give out their email address unless you give them something really catchy for free.

    I have been testing various options but haven’t really landed on one yet. I personally find it annoying when lightbox shows up on every page you visit on a blog… well I am trying that out on my blog right now. I guess you have to try everything.

    It is a good debating topic. I will let you know if I find something working for me that isn’t annoying for my visitors.


  2. Hey Guna,

    I was actually thinking that it would be better if the lightbox was visible after 2-3 visits, not on the first visit. You're absolutely right about the first time people visits, on the other hand we want to try to make every new visitor stay on our blog (or subscribe to our newsletter)… if we don't interrupt them, will they subscribe?

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Sawahonline says:

    thanks for sharing.. good posting and i like this posting

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