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How To Grow Your Business With Facebook

This is a guest post by Steven Papas.

I have read some places where people suggested that it is better to have a separate facebook account for business if ever one wants to promote his business on this social media platform. However, I wrote this article to show you what you can do to grow your business on facebook and not in support or against that. But if I am really asked to comment on it, I would say it all depends on the kind of business you are running.

For instance, if you are an internet marketer or someone that sells self-helps related products, potential customers will be more convinced and glad to see that you are living the dream life you promise to help them achieve. Using your personal facebook account to promote such businesses will allow your connections access to pictures from your vacations or tour around the world and or any other personal activity that will help them to assimilate the human side of you as opposed to sales pitches.

On the other hand, if you are running a web hosting business, have an online retail store, or any of such businesses (you get the idea), I suppose bringing your personal life into it will distract or even irritate potential customers. For instance, somebody searching for web host reviews wouldn’t be moved by a photo of your new born baby or perhaps a story on how you spent your weekend on a facebook profile. So the account to use depends on the kind of business you want to promote on facebook.

Regardless of the account you are using and the business you are promoting though, here are some of the facebook business tips that promises more business leads.

Take Advantage of the Facebook Marketplace

If you already run a local brick and mortar business or an online business of any sort, facebook has about 600 million users that you can filter and target at your wish. Using the Facebook Market Place will gain you access to these huge potential customers/clients.

Create A Facebook Page

Facebook page is a must despite the kind of business run or service you render. Facebook allows users to create pages in 6 categories, including local business, company, brand/ products, artist, entertainment or a cause. You can also take advantage of apps, like iSpace, shop buddy or any other one, to customize the look and feel of your page. Then promote your page; tweet your joining link, send it to friends or colleagues and promote it on your blog, targeted forums, and through any other method that can gain you more fans.

Share Relevant Images

Want ore eye on your business facebook profile? Then don’t limit your business promotion to texts alone; share some pictures. Photo sharing is a booming market these days, and especially very beneficial to businesses. To make the most of every single image that you share on facebook, take advantage of photo editing tools like Mixbook or Snapily to customize and put that “wow” factor on every single image that goes to social media sites. This will help them to get hold of more eyes and direct them to your lead generation page.

Start a Group

Starting a facebook group is also a perfect way to gain potential customers/clients while growing your brand awareness. Create a facebook group and link it to your business website, then invite as many people as you can to join. However, there is need to offer group members enormous value and update them periodically to promote your business.

Advertise Your Business

Advertise on facebook. Unlike other online advertising platforms, facebook will allow you to target members from a particular geographical location or people of a particular interest, gender or age group. These are perfect targeting options that you can use to ensure that you are really being exposed to the right population that would be interested in your product or service.

As a final note, remember that just like every other business promotion, bringing news about your business on facebook requires your attention. You must ensure to visit your facebook account every day and connect with your audience; don’t leave your account/page dormant with inactivity. People love freebies and such offers as ‘buy one get one free’ plus periodic discount vouchers to your facebook friends will not only help to explode your business but to gain you even more facebook fans/friends.

Author Bio

Steven is a passionate blogger that presently writes for a Mixbook review and codes and Snapily review and coupons site while occasionally publishing informative posts on On his blog, he provides Snapily coupon and Mixbook coupon to help you save more money on digital product creations.

51 responses to “How To Grow Your Business With Facebook”

  1. Hey Steven,

    Thanks a lot for the guest post. I’m still hustling to be better at using Facebook for my business, and I have realized that I need to learn a lot more. That’s why I’ve just bought an ebook that hopefully will help me learn a lot more 🙂

  2. Steven Papas says:

    Thanks for the compliment Jens. Online entrepreneurs are now waking up to the benefits of leveraging social media platforms, like facebook, for brand promotion and product/service advertisements. Guess what? It’s worked like magic. With nearly a billion users, facebook is still a ripe platform to reach and gain massive audience, even for our blogs.

    …hope the ebook will help straighten the system out for you 🙂

    • I have used Facebook for marketing purposes for a while, but the real benefit I see by using it, is to connect with people and build relationships. And that’s something I need to learn a lot more about.

  3. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Hi sir jens nice to know about this topic, you give me brilliant idea with this..

  4. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens and Welcome Steven, I have two Facebook accounts, one personal and one professional. I am free to post pictures of my kids on my personal page, check in and be a bit sillier than on my professional page. It takes more time to have these plus a business page, but Facebook is worth it.

    I agree with you, Facebook advertising is under-rated. Facebook is taking a licking now because of the IPO, but it remains a powerful site that attracts a huge audience.

    • Steven Papas says:

      Yes Carolyn, a lot of people actually maintain more than one account on facebook, and I must agree it feels safer this way owing to some IM processes. For instance, it may not be very comforting for my children to see that I just pinged an affiliate niche site or perhaps to track how hard I work to promote a product that is not even mine. These underlines the need for a complete business account, but when it comes to total self expression and relatedness with friends and family which, on the other hand, may not go well with business processes, we need a personal account. However, with nearly a billion users, facebook is really worth it just like you noted.

  5. With the growing trend of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blogs social internet solutions are taking a lead in the web development industry. In this era of online interaction it is imperative to have a social presence to boost social media networking or internet marketing.

    • Steven Papas says:

      …additionally, active social media presence has even become more valuable in this post Panda/Penguin era. Now, many businesses and online interpreters are creating and linking social media profiles to their websites and blogs to boost their authority in with the serps. When the search-bots have even taken interest in social networking activities, why shouldn’t we? Thanks Michael!

  6. Hey Steven

    I personally addict of Facebook good sharing and relevant friends can easily help you to get up earning through Facebook specially Facebook pages and Group can easily help you too popularized your business among your friend and it’s not difficult to gain popularity among users.

    • Steven Papas says:

      Glad to hear you are already taking advantage of this platform. The viral nature of facebook makes it a viable option for business promotion. Thanks for stopping by Rizwan!

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi Steven (and Jens) I like having mine separate and I try not to post my business “stuff” too often on the personal FB page. I try to keep that one light and personal. I have found on the business side quotes and funny antidotes to work well – even better than discounts and offers. I like the idea of groups too, thanks!

    • Steven Papas says:

      That’s a nice plan Lisa and good to hear they are already working for you. I will see how those quotes and funny antidotes hold on my page!

  8. Tatjana says:

    My traffic diagram has got a big break at the time Google has updated the Penguin algorithm, and I think many more bloggers have the same experience. The big question is: in which direction should we go forward? Which SEO tricks could work in this new blurry environment? I think a working way could be the social media, actually the Facebook for Pages. Unfortunately, I won’t be a free service, but it is still an effective link building technique.

    • Steven Papas says:

      I think social media features like facebook “Like” and Google “+1” are now among the requisites for ranking a site. Hence the social reputation of a particular site helps to decide the value it is allotted by the search bots. It is a very interesting time for the SEO industry but there is no doubt that search bots respect active social media presence. Thanks Tatjana!

  9. Olivia says:

    Today Face book is offensely used for business purpose.So its belong to quite a nice topic to cover through…Hope all can enjoy it.

  10. Shehzad says:

    Agree with you on some points !!!

  11. Aasma says:

    Facebook Group certainly a great way attract like minded people and build relationship. However it does need consistent effort to keep your group interesting and great place of engagement.

    • Steven Papas says:

      I belong to an affiliate marketers group on facebook and often, many people leverage the opportunity to launch and promote their products. So facebook group is sure one of the viable options that is worth a try. If you are not sure or don’t have the time to create a group, you can join existing ones – only thing is, your actions can be restricted by the administrators. Thanks Aasma!

  12. Tommy Williams says:

    These post is an interesting post. Facebook Group certainly a great way attract like minded people and build relationship. Thanks for letting me stopped by.

  13. Thanks for the tips. It amazes me that evening within one potential marketing stream (Facebook), there are many different ways to promote yourself or your content.

    • Steven Papas says:

      Thanks for the compliment Robert. Yes, facebook is still a ripe social platform with a space for everyone.

  14. Adrienne says:

    Hi Steven,

    Welcome to Jens place, isn’t it inviting! So many awesome people stop by Jens place all the time because he always has so many goodies to share with us.

    I enjoyed this post and I also have a personal and business page. I didn’t for the longest time because I don’t really “promote” a lot of things on Facebook. But, I did want to start connecting more with people and bring them over to the business side of it which is why I created the fan page.

    I post a little sillier and fun stuff on my personal then my fan page but I still interact on both of them a lot. Oh heck, I just love people what can I say.

    Thanks for the information and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      It took me a very long time to get my Facebook Page started, and I’m still not quite sure what to do with it. But I’m learning a lot for watching other successful people like you 🙂

      What I used to do instead was to create friends lists and only publish marketing related stuff to the various lists, this way only the people on my marketing list would see any of the marketing stuff I promoted.

    • Steven Papas says:

      Thanks Adrienne!

      Just like you, there is no much personal stuff going on with my fan page except those intended to show fans that I am not an alien… lol. But I have found success in using relevant images; took me time to find that it is actually one of the reasons people click-through to my blog.

      I am glad you liked these tips.

  15. Gerry Moss says:

    A marketer to buyer relationship can be established within social media site. Hence, Facebook as the top (in my opinion) social media site that provides multiple pages made available for companies, fans and so on…is an interesting way to promote your business.

    • Hey Gerry,

      You are absolutely right. Social media is an awesome way to promote your business if you do it right. I have many examples from business contacts I’ve met via social media, and Facebook is at the top, but I’m also using Twitter and G+

    • Steven Papas says:

      Facebook is about hitting a billion users. That’s a lot of potential business leads to ignore. Despite making friends, finding new JV partners and promoting business sites and blogs, it is good to know that the search bots now have some interest in social trends. So, having an active social media presence may not just be for the primary reasons but can also provide some SEO benefits. Thanks for stopping by Gerry!

  16. Alvin says:

    True, yet it depends on how you communicate with your potential customers. Good communication about the business or product can lead you to success. I’ve read this once and maybe this may apply here, Every marketing is a good marketing.

    • Hi Alvin,

      I am not sure if all marketing is good marketing, too many people believe that all they need to do is traditional advertising and I’m not a huge fan of that 🙂

    • Steven Papas says:

      Hi Alvin, you will agree with me that there are but few businesses that don’t have about 5 competitors, at the least. So, in the quest to gain that new lead, despite the platform taken, who wins? Is it the business that believes in “all marketing is good marketing,” or the one that takes marketing from a well-defined perspective; one of which may be creating an active social media presence?

      The time has gone when people leave the success rate of their business to be determined by fate. And waking up to the opportunities in social media platforms, like facebook, is a step that will yield long term benefits.

  17. Abel Pardo says:

    I agree with you, Steven. It’s quite important the use of images in Facebook and even more right now with this timeline and customized pages. Wow factor rocks 😉

  18. Pubudu says:

    I’ve seen some of small business maintain their FB page really well. Customers are also used to post their Question on the wall. Best thing is you can reach them easily in a product launch.

    • Steven Papas says:

      Simply put. Thanks Pubudu!

      FB page is really advantageous, especially for business promotions. It is handy from gathering targeted audience to presenting products for patronage and discussion.

  19. This post is truly realistic. Business will surely grow on places where people stay. In contemporary market set-up, a huge chunk of our population has a Facebook account. Hence, it is really important that marketing strategies should jive the recent situation in the market.

  20. Jason Homes says:

    I am amenable to this, Facebook did a lot in promoting my website to its online population. I am now just concerned and afraid if Google will renew its algorithm, my success in this social media site will be scrapped.

  21. Romy Singh says:

    Hi Steven,

    I think most of us would agree that facebook could be a good source of generating business as well as traffic. But its quite hard because of huge competition.

    The best way I think to stand out is be interesting and consistent on facebook, connect with people, and engage with your fan followings.

    BTW, Awesome post.

    • Hi Romy,

      Yes, the competition on Facebook is hard. But, like you said, if you focus on publishing interesting you’re doing a lot right. Connect with the right people and create strong relationships.

  22. NM says:

    I think creating Facebook Page and sharing relevant images are the most important methods to grow your business with this the most successful social networking site.

  23. bpo company says:

    I like the point sharing relevant images for the business. I think it will really help to grow face book business.

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