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How to create a Google Analytics Campaign

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools I use when it comes to marketing. Whenever I have a marketing campaign, I always use Google Analytics to track the results. It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes of my time. I might target Facebook ads by using birthdays, but in the end advertising is about sharing a passion.

I create and maintain my marketing campaign in three steps:

Building the campaign

The first thing I do when it comes to my marketing campaign (well, I am not talking about the message and where to place my ads etc.. that’s a completely different story) is to build my URL by using the URL tool builder. I add my target, the link to the website I want people to end up at, and I add details about what type of ad I’m running and where it is. This way I get all the details when people click on the link.

Each link I build is unique, for instance, if I’m using two different titles, I’ll have two different links. If I’m advertising at two different websites, I’m using two different links. This is important, because the more specific and the more details I provide, the better statistics I get and the easier it is to understand what I’m actually paying for.

Evaluating the campaign

As soon as the campaign is running, probably the day after I have launched it, I start watching the statistics.

Inside Google Analytics, I do the following:

Now, I have complete statistics of the marketing campaign. And it’s time to evaluate and start replanning.

Time for replanning

After watching the statistics for the campaign for a while, I might understand that it’s not working exactly as I thought. Then, I’ll be adjusting the ads, adding a new title, or a new banner, depending on what type of ad it is.

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