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How to build a list – be everywhere

how to build a list

Marketing is about storytelling, and it’s about relationships and building trust. Hence, in order to sell your product and service, you need to involve emotions and not just facts.

We need to be in touch with our customers, and we need to continue to provide them with quality content. We need to reach out and create engagement.

That’s why we need to understand how to build a list.

How to build a list – the basic elements

There are two things that are important when I’m talking about how to build a list

  1. A call to action, and
  2. Be everywhere

The call to action is about giving away something for free, and provide an incentive for people to join your list. Think about it, why should they join? If you can’t “bribe” them, they won’t join. You need to offer something of high quality, it needs to be free, and it needs to be relevant.

That’s it.

On the other hand, it’s not enough. How to build a list is not just about what you offer, but it’s about attention. I could have created a popup or I could be using the same method as the White House, and every single person who visited my blog would have seen my call to action. But, I’m not.

To me, how to build a list, is about being less intrusive, and instead of using popups and “sneaky” methods, be close to everywhere on the blog. This way, most people will see the optin-form without being annoyed.

How to build a list – where to place the optin-forms

I am using Subscribers Magnet to get people to subscribe to my newsletter.

Here are some of the features I am currently using:

The sidebar:

sidebar optin-form

Below posts:

optin-forms below posts

Subscribe checkbox at comment:

checkbox at the comments

Thank you message for the first comment:

thank you for the comment

How to build a list – all the options

Subscribers Magnet has a lot of different options when it comes to how to build a list, and, so far I am just using a few of them.

The types of methods you can use are:

Optin Form Within Post
This is how to build a list by placing the optin-form below all my posts.

Optin Form at Sidebar
This is the optin-form I am using in the sidebar.

Subscribe Checkbox at Comment
This is what I’m using to get attention inside the comments.

I can customize a popup, which is the most powerful method when it comes to how to build a list. It can be visible after a specific time, and I can customize the frequency it will be visible.

Footer Bar
It shows the optin-form as the footer of the blog.

Form Auto Filler
It automatically remembers all the name/email of the people who have commented on my blog, and will automatically fill the details in the optin-forms.

Optin Form Embedded Inside Comment
Get the optin-form inside the comments. This makes it even more visible than the subscribe checkbox at the comments.

Thank You Message for the first commentator
This is how to build a list by sending an automated message to all the people who comment on my post for the first time. The message can be anything, but it’s an email that you control 100%.

Subscribe Commentator Silently
This option will automatically subscribe all commentators to my autoresponder without any alert.

When people ask me how to build a list, I am always telling them to use Subscribers Magnet, and be everywhere. That’s the best option of when it comes to how to build a list.

20 responses to “How to build a list – be everywhere”

  1. Melly Schug says:

    Such a powerful inputs here.
    I really appreciate that and I am glad to see Subscribers Magnet, I’d better check that out.

  2. Like you, I highly recommend Subscribers Magnet. While it doesn’t have the most flashy salespage… the plugin is still the industry leader. I use a number of the (vast) features the plugin brings. I actually don’t use the thank you email as many regular readers quickly realize it’s canned and instead use Reply Me to handle that little bit. However, I use even more features of SM than you mentioned above and couldn’t live without this powerful list builder! Anyone that hasn’t grabbed it yet really should!

    • Hi Kim,

      I had forgotton all about this option in ReplyMe. Thanks a lot for letting me know about it, now I have a subscription option in the first thank you email for the first comment and a subscription option in ReplyMe as well. I’d love to hear about the other features you’re using to get subscribers from SM.

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing this one Jens, will have to check it out. I had not heard of it before. Looks like a lot of great features!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I’ve been testing Subscribers Magnet for about a week now, and I’m very satistifed with it. It has a lot of features, and the predesigned templates looks great. And that’s awesome since I’m a terrible designer 🙂

  4. Ileane says:

    Hi Jens, thanks for showing off some of the features of this plugin and I’m glad to see that it integrates with AWeber. I recognize some of the forms you are using from the DIYThemes blog. I am thinking about using one or two of them for my blog.

    Good luck with your list building efforts and if i decide to get the plugin I’ll swing by and get your link.

    • Thanks a lot. Yes, it integrates with AWeber and it’s very easy to do it. The forms I am using are the standard forms, I’m a terrible designer and I need to use pre-designed forms or get someone to design them for me 🙂

  5. katherin says:

    Wow excellent sending thank you message for the first commentator is really good,through this we can build a good relationship with readers..i will try to use some of your methods to build my list on everywhere..thanks for sharing..

    • Hi Katherin,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. I really enjoy this plugin, there are so many great features and now, I’m just using a few of them. I’ll probably be testing many more during the next weeks.

  6. The thank you to first commentor is a great idea! This blot contains great info to help expand my business Thank You. @berget

  7. Jospeph Hipolito says:

    Wow Sir jens, this page was really awesome, I love reading it…

  8. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    I also appreciate you sharing this one with us. I must say they definitely have a lot of different options.

    The one I do not like is the “Subscribe Commentator Silently”. I had a very successful blogger tell me he was doing that so I’ve never commented on his blog because of it. I think that getting on someone’s list should be a choice, not a forced action because you placed one comment on their blog.

    If I decide to purchase this one also I’ll definitely be sure to use your link as well.

    Thanks so much for this review.


    • I don’t like that either. I don’t think that I have been approached by someone using it. It’s too sneaky, and I want to have control over who I follow too. It has to be my choice, and what many don’t understand is that if they’re using a sneaky technique to grab subscribers, they won’t be subscribers for long.

  9. Oliver Tausend says:

    Hi Jens,

    first off, I agree that pop-ups are too intrusive and yes, outright annoying. I am actually amazed (positively) that all these non-intrusive opt-in forms on your blog are obviously powered by one single plugin, right? Great stuff, I might use it as well.



    • The problem with pop-ups is that they work. They’re so effective, yet they’re so annoying 🙂 I can’t decide if I should use them or not, that’s how effective they are. Right now, I’m not using pop-ups and I probably won’t for a long time, but I’m still thinking about it from time to time.

      The Subscribers Magnet plugin is awesome, and the designs you see on my blog is what’s predesigned. I have just added the text 🙂

  10. Maja says:

    To build a list versatile and everlasting are the contents. Your contents should be of such criterion that people feel pride to subscribe at your blog and intentionally they change from visitors to customers.

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