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How to be more personal on Facebook

Right now, it’s one of the hottest days of the summer, and I’m inside the office writing about Facebook. I used to live in a tent, and living in a tent made me write about a woman that turned me on and marketing with a smile, now that I’m inside I’m more practical and thinking about details.

Today, it’s all about Facebook.

One thing I like about Facebook is not just how easy it is to spread information, become visible or to get traffic. But, I like the fact that it’s easy to be personal. You can have one-to-one conversations, and you can create small groups and have conversations within the group.

I really enjoy being personal.

I like it when people are tagging me in their status updates. I’ve written a post about how to tag people on Facebook. To me, tagging is one of the easiest ways to be personal on Facebook, and at the same time it’s a method to make it not only visible for the person you’re tagging, but for a lot more people.

The person you’re tagging will get a notification, and most likely, she’ll comment on your status update, and you can keep the conversation going (and other people might join in too).

But here’s the thing, you should understand that there’s one thing you can do to become more personal in tagging people in your status updates. And, here’s how:

Find the person

Add @ just before the name of the person you’re going to tag. I’ll use an example of tagging one of my favorite women online, the brilliant Carolyn Nicander Mohr. I start out by adding @carolyn and I’ll see all the various options in a list.

tagging a person on Facebook

Add the name

Click on the name of the person you want to tag from the list. And make sure her name is visible inside the box and that it’s highlighted. When it’s highlighted, it means that the person is tagged.

add her name to your status update

Click inside the name

Now, to be more personal on Facebook, you’ll need to put your cursor inside the name. This usually means that you add your cursor just after her first name.

click inside the name

Delete the last name

Now, all you need to do is to delete her last name. Click delete until the only name you see is her first name. Remember that her first name should still be highlighted. If it’s not highlighted she won’t be tagged.

remove the last name

Tagging makes it more personal

To me, tagging makes Facebook personal, but tagging by using the first name makes it even more personal.

Do you agree?

And, do you tag people at all, and if you do, do you tag using their first names only?


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