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How Time is marketing their magazine

I have been subscribing to Time magazine on and off for several years now. I am very satisfied with the magazine and they have some really good articles, but I get a new magazine every week and I just can`t keep up. So, when I realize that I can`t keep up, every now and then, I won`t renew my subscription.

Now, it was this time again. Time magazine sent me a reminder and asked my to renew my subscription. I didn`t renew it and Time sent me the final notice.


This was the first and the final notice, all in the same letter, and it was very easy to understand that it was the final notice. As you can see from the envelope, it had a sticker on it and some really big letters.

What should I think when I receive something like this in the mail?

I started to think that this was urgent and that the offer I got today had to be incredibly low. And then I turned the envelope, and saw that they had some even bigger letters there.


Is this some marketing trick from Time magazine?

Well, I think so. The offer inside was not that good, it was good, but it wasn`t any better than earlier. And I remember that I have paid apx. the same amount for a long time now, and this new offer was no better deal. My expectations were a little different, and of course they were, just look at the pictures from the envelope above. Who wouldn`t have thought that the offer from Time magazine would be incredible?

I am not saying that the price they offered me wasn`t low enough, but according to their marketing I thought that they offered me something completely different. This is sort of like a one time offer, and if I turn down the offer, I will never ever get it again.

But do you know what?

I bet that I will get exactly the same price if I decide to subscribe to Time magazine in a few months from now. And if I do get the same offer, what should we call this kind of marketing?

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