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How To Stop People From Killing Themselves

I’ve been watching how the government in Norway are trying to get people to quit smoking. They have been using shock tactics, blood and gore.

Their tactic is to make people afraid, afraid to start smoking and afraid to continue smoking. They have used shocking ads on TV and on the radio. The cigarette packages have large warning signs, and now, it’s close to impossible to find cigarettes in the stores. They’re hiding them from the customers.

Is it working?

Well, of course it will eventually work. It’s illegal to smoke inside bars and clubs (you can still smoke inside your own home), you see the warning signs on all the cigarette packages, and it’s hard to buy smoke in the stores.

But, that’s not how they should do it. I believe that it should be a creative marketing campaign, instead, they’re enforcing people to stop.


I believe that they should look to Sussex Safer Roads and how they’re trying to get people to use seat belts. The campaign is Embrace Life, and it’s all about emotions, without the use of blood or shocking effects.

It’s a powerful message, delivered in an impressive way.

It’s artistic. It’s beautiful.

When a person understands the message and how it affects her life and the life of her family and the people close to her, she won’t forget. She’ll remember what she just saw, she’ll remember what she read and heard. She’ll think about it, again and again. She’ll adapt, eventually.

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