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How to Stand Out in Any Crowd

Marketing is about promoting your company, it is about promoting yourself and by promoting yourself you are in a way promoting your company. In a crowd of thousands of people, how can you get noticed by others at the same place, in the newspapers or even on national TV? It might not be as hard as it sounds.

I think that the easiest way is to make some big banners with some creative words, this has always worked and it will probably always work. Media loves it and you see it at all major sport events and concerts or other events like political rallies.

I saw some interesting banners today in an article (the article is in Norwegian) about the latest soccer game where Los Angeles Galaxy star player David Beckham did not play. One banner was “Bench it like Beckham” and another one was “David, welcome to America where people like you get paid to do nothing”. Well, I am not saying that you should write banners like that… but you do get noticed 🙂

What if the person with the “Bench it like Beckham” banner had added a small url at the bottom? He or she would probably get a lot of new visitors to his blog. If you think about it, this banner has probably been in a lot of newspapers and magazines all over the world as well as TV channels. This is how to stand out in any crowd.

If you dare, at the next political rally where President George Bush will be, stand in the crowd with a sign that says something like “George likes Bald Men” and / or maybe wear a T-shirt with it and your logo or url… I would probably never do something like this, but it might work, or what do you think?

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