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How To Sign Up As An Affiliate At ClickBank

Today I thought I should go back to basics and write a post about something that most people that are looking to earn money online should know about, and that is “how to sign up as an affiliate at ClickBank”.

Many people that I have talked to are wondering how they can sign up at ClickBank as an affiliate and start promoting not only various products at the ClickBank marketplace, but to promote ClickBank to other people. By promoting ClickBank and referring others to use this service, you can earn a lot of money. This is from the ClickBank site:

ClickBank’s referral program is a great way for you to promote ClickBank and earn extra commission.

Earn 20% of the $49.95 activation charge when your referred publisher activates their account. Additionally, earn 5% of ClickBank’s typical markup of each sale that your recruited publisher makes for one calendar year. ClickBank’s typical markup on every sale is $1 + 7.5% of the sale price, so you earn about $0.09 to $0.99 on every sale. See the referral commissions chart below:

$10 sale = $0.09 commission
$20 sale = $0.13 commission
$30 sale = $0.16 commission
$40 sale = $0.20 commission
$50 sale = $0.24 commission
$100 sale = $0.42 commission
$150 sale = $0.61 commission
$200 sale = $0.80 commission
$250 sale = $0.99 commission

You can actually earn quite a bit if you refer the rigth person or if you refer many to ClickBank. But how do you sign up as an affilite?

This is a very short and easy explanation on how to do it:

Go to and follow the instructions below:

Click on the sign up link, you can see that there are two red arrows in the picture above. That means that the sign up link is at both places, you can click on one of them.

Just fill in your contact information, and where ClickBank should send your affiliate checks and you are all set. But be aware that at the bottom, you will have to add your ClickBank nickname. This will be the name that you use to log in to your ClickBank account and it will also be part of your ClickBank reseller / affiliate link.

The referral link that you need in order to refer others to ClickBank is this:, just switch berget with your ClickBank nickname. For instance, my ClickBank nickname is berget and I use that to sign in at ClickBank. And when you start promoting products from the ClickBank marketplace, you will get a hoplink (affiliate link) that you need to promote. Your nickname will always be part of that hoplink as well.

For instance, if I want to promote Butterfly Marketing then I will use the following hoplink, you will just need to switch berget with your own ClickBank nickname in order to promote it and earn commissions.

Just signup at

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