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How Should You Use Your Autoresponder?

I am using Aweber for my optin list, and I strongly recommend everybody to use an autoresponder as it automates your e-mails and will probably help you earn money. But how should you be using it?

As an affiliate marketer, should you just put many various offers, like for a whole year or so – one message a week, and send them to your list? This way, you should be earning some money during the year, if the offers you are sending to your list are any good. Or you could just be sending many messages to your list and all of your messages are regarding your one business, like if you are involved in a multi-level marketing company.

Or should you just send a few messages, to introduce yourself to your subscribers, and then just send them a broadcast once you get a hold of some new and interesting offers? Or should you do just a little bit of this and a little bit of that?

What I am trying to say is that you can use an autoresponder in many different ways. I have actually never found “the best way” to use it, or maybe I have, but I just haven´t realized it yet.

What I have been doing, is that I am offering some free very educational material, and I am sending automated offers once a week or so. These are offers that I enjoy myself and that I recommend for everybody. But the problem is that when my optin list receives many e-mails from me, and they are all automated, I really don´t want to send broadcasts as well. If I do send some broadcasts, they will be receiving more than one e-mail in a week from me, sometimes maybe even three e-mails a week.

I am afraid that three e-mails a week might be a little too much, even though I think the offers that I am sending are great or even outstanding. The reason I am a little “afraid” is that I don´t want people on my optin list to unsubscribe from it, if they do, I have lost a customer.

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