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How To Sell A Car

When a guy like myself walks up to a car dealership, I wonder what the sales people are thinking. Are they just thinking, here’s another guy buying another car, or do they see me as someone else, someone they will have a hard time selling to, or maybe they have an impression regarding what type of car that suites me?

Yesterday was a day when I walked up to a car dealership.

It’s been five years since the last time I looked at a car and thought; that’s a car I’d like to drive. I don’t particularly enjoy driving a car, therefore, I don’t fancy cars that much.

To me, a car is just something I need, with two kids, and a wife commuting, it would be way too difficult to manage our daily routines without a car. And of course, that’s why we need to switch cars once in a while, because we need a car we can trust to manage our daily routines. For instance, it needs to start every single morning.

With that in mind, how should a person sell me a car?

Many times, a sale starts with the first words of a conversation, how the sales person welcomes me, and how he starts off. If he is the cool guy, thinking of me as his friend, and that I have the same interest in cars as he has, then he probably won’t be able to sell me a car. I have experienced guys like this, more often in car dealerships than in other shops.

I am not sure why that is, but maybe it’s because many guys think of cars as a guy thing and that all guys love cars? Maybe it’s why I have never encountered a woman selling cars?

My advice to the person selling me a car, would be to start off by asking what I believe is important in a new car. As soon as I finish with my fairly limited list (it’s all about security and a low price, and of course it needs to start every single day), he can tell me about the cars he prefers when it comes to what I am looking for.

It’s fairly easy isn’t it?

At the moment, we are test driving a Toyota Avensis.

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