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How Rosalind Gardner uses Blog Broadcasts

I have recently started to use the method of Blog Broadcasts in AWeber. What I do is this; I send an automated message to the subscribers of my newsletter every single friday. This message has some standard text and it says something like, it’s finally friday and here are my blog posts from the last seven days.

Everything is automated and all the messages from my blog are displayed with the headline and an excerpt. If my readers want to read the whole blog post, they have to click on the link.

I have had some moderate success with this, and I was rather satisfied with this method, until I started to think about how Rosalind Gardner uses Blog Broadcast. If you are not familiar with Rosalind Gardner, I strongly suggest that you take a closer look at her blog; NetProfits Today. She is an affiliate marketing expert and her blog is just amazing.

Now, what she is doing different, is that she writes an article that she sends to all her subscribers. The article is more like a story, and she uses all her latest blog posts (at least her most interesting blog posts from the past week or so) as links in her story.

This makes it a lot more interesting to read. My automated blog broadcast is not interesting at all, it just lists all my latest blog posts. And I bet you can get an overview in about 1 minute, or maybe even less.

If my readers can’t find an interesting headline, they won’t click on the blog post. With Rosalind Gardners articles, I find myself reading the whole thing, and I find myself clicking on several of her links (and I do that every single time).

I guess I should stop and think about how I should send my blog broadcasts for a moment. Should I do it like Rosalind Gardner or should I just keep them automated? My readers might actually prefer the automated part, because I might never be able to write stories like Rosalind Gardner, and my readers might never read my whole story and therefore they might never click on any of my latest blog posts.

… but with the automated blog broadcasts, they will get an easy overview and that might be more than enough for most of them.

Well, I am still thinking.

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