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How Reliable Is Aweber?

I am using Aweber for my autoresponder / newsletter service and I believe that they are the best and the price is right as well. Today I discovered something that I didnīt like that much, but I am not sure why it happened. The thing is that Aweber has an option where you can have Aweber to track your clicks, everything is done automatically.

When you choose this option, your link will be sort of hidden. Your url will be something like and a lot of numbers and letters behind it. The amount of clicks will only be tracked if you use an html version of your newsletter, not if you use plain text.

I like to use the click tracking option, but thatīs because I want my very long url to be a lot shorter. This happens when I use the click tracking option.

Yesterday I posted an “automatically” (sort of automatically) post based on my rss feed to my list. The post said that “I have just posted an article that I think you will find very interesting”. And it was the link to the article at my blog.

I am also receiving the messages just to see how they look and to see if everything is ok. When I opened the message today and clicked on the Aweber tracking link, I received the following error:

ERROR: The page you were looking for was not found on this server. Please make sure you have the correct address and try again.

I have no idea why it happened, but I think that I will send a message to support at Aweber. I donīt want it to happen again. The Aweber support has been awesome before, hopefully they will be this time as well. I will post the answer when I have one.

I have the answer:
I have just received the answer to my question about why the url was invalid. And as I suggested, it was all my fault. This is the answer I received from Aweber:

It appears that you used the “wrap long lines” button with your message. When you did so, the full URL in your message was placed on to two lines essentially “breaking” that URL. When you applied the click tracking, the program only saw the first line of the URL, instead of the whole thing.

To resolve this, simply re-enter in the full URL that you want in your message, and leave it intact, all on one line. This will allow the click tracking to “see” the whole URL, and convert it into a valid link.

Today I have learned a lesson, and I wonīt be doing this again. Thanks Aweber!

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