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How to Recruit the Best Students

There are a number of reasons why universities and colleges try to recruit the best students or the most talented students.

My concern is not why, but how to recruit them.

There are many techniques that works when it comes to get students to enroll, but there are at least four techniques that I believe to work when it comes to recruiting the best students.

The best students have more options than the ordinary students, and I believe that talented people are more critical and that they use more logical reasoning when they decide where to enroll.

Therefore, it’s important that they get both detailed and specific information, and experience the college before they decide their future.

1. Testimonials.

Using testimonials from current students, and people that have attended the college in the past is important. People trust other people telling the truth. An unbiased review is very powerful. If current students enjoy the college, and past students, now working, enjoyed it, it’s more likely that reading the testimonials will think that they too will enjoy it.

It’s a lot like buying any product. I just bought iLap, a laptop stand. First, before buying it, I looked at reviews. I found only very positive reviews, and that’s why I bought it.

2. Encourage researchers to spread the word.

If teachers and researchers are spreading the word about the college or university, talented students are more likely to listen. Teachers and researchers are usually passionate and has a lot of knowledge about their research and program. Passion is important, knowledge is important.

3. Invite prospects to campus.

By inviting prospective students, individually or in groups, to make campus visits, they’ll experience life as college students. They can visualize themselves as students. If they get a good feeling, and can see themselves as students, they are more likely to enroll.

4. Promote the program.

Insure that material is current and update often. It’s important to focus on the specific programs and the details of the programs. The top students are usually more focused on the academic details than regular students. They are less concerned with life on campus, parties, sports etc..

I’m not saying that only the academic details of the program is important. What I’m saying is that it’s important to focus on each program as well, and not just the entire college, all the programs in general and life on campus, parties, sports etc. when it comes to marketing.

Hence, it’s important not to neglect the web site. Communicate what you want it to say about your program, make sure that it has links to your faculty, department and the grad school, and that it’s updated regularly.

This is what I believe works to recruit the best students, do you agree?

And what other marketing techniques do you think will help to recruit the best students?

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