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How The Pros Are Using Twitter

First, before you start reading, I urge you to follow me on twitter.

I have been more active on twitter lately, and I am actually enjoying it. Twitter was sort of a new web 2.0 experiment that I just didn’t understand, that’s untill I watched the cool video from Perry Belcher. He explained what twitter and other web 2.0 sites are all about, and it made sense. Twitter is like a party, and when you are at a party, there are certain things you need to understand.

You want to be popular, the more popular you are, the more people will listen to what you have to say. The more people that listen to you, the more people will be interested in what you are eventually “selling”. But you are selling in a different way, you are selling your blog. That’s really the only thing you are doing with twitter. Everything you earn money from, you should keep it at your blog or your website, then, when people ask what you do, or want to know more about you, send them to your blog.

Now, let me explain how the pros are using twitter.


Your personality is really important. You need to be you, you need to tell all your followers at twitter that you are a vegetarian or that you are against Israel, or what ever you want to tell. It’s about being personal, and it’s about being true to what you are all about.

Have fun

Again, think of twitter like a party. You are there to have as much fun as possible. You want to talk to new people, you want to talk about new topics. You want to be part of the conversation that they are having, you want to be funny, and give your followers something entertaining, something to laugh at.

Provide value

You need to provide something of value, great content, that people really appreciate. It can be links to very interesting blog posts, resources that you enjoy. If you are selling something, give your followers a discount or a free trial.

Example of good tweets used by the pros

Resources: various really helpful resources related to your niche, in your own words, or just provide them with a link.

Links: links to other websites with good, funny, helpful and entertaining content.

Support messages: tell your followers that you like what they are doing, if they are sad, post some comforting words, if they have done a mistake, tell them something they’d like to hear.

Comments: comment their tweets, even if they are not asking questions, reply to their tweets.

Questions: Ask questions to your followers, it could be about anything. It will most likely start a conversation.

Respond to questions: if someone asks a question, send them a reply with your answer.

Retweet: Spread the word. If one of your followers has posted an awesome tweet, retweet it. Send his post (include his @username) to your followers, this way, a lot more people will read what he has to say.

How to discover something of value?

If you want to be like a pro, but you don’t think you can post something of value, then, take a look at the following websites:

Tons of amazing stuff is linked to every single day. I bet you can find some really cool stuff, and just add them to your tweets, your followers will be glad you did.

Two twitter accounts?

Some people think it’s really powerful to use two different twitter accounts. One that you use as your “real” account, the other one is only used to get valuable stuff to tweet about. With your second twitter account, you only follow very well-known people in your niche, people that will post lots of awesome stuff. When you get something useful, use it on your other twitter account.

Never sell on twitter
Finally, no selling. Don’t use twitter as a way to do affiliate marketing. If you do, people will ignore your tweets, and quickly stop reading whatever you have on your mind.

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