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How To Promote Your Local Business Using Twitter

Let me give you a few examples of how I would promote a local business on Twitter. Let’s say that I was the manager of a vegetarian restaurant in Westchester, New York (it could be anywhere in the world, but I picked this spot at random. It could also be anything other than a vegetarian restaurant).

Use Twitter’s Geodata

First, I would use a software like TweetAdder to make it as fast and easy as possible to find people close to my restaurant. You could do what I’m about to show you in many different ways, for instance, there are at least 9 ways to find twitter users in your town.

I would use the zip codes of Westchester (10601 – 10610) to find followers on Twitter. See the yellow box in the image below. Once I find followers, most of them will hopefully follow me back, that’s the great thing about Twitter.


I would probably also click on the 10 miles or 25 miles box, so that every person who’s closer to 25 miles to my location would be added as my follower.

Once you’ve added followers by location, you’ll need to start using Twitter the right way in order to promote your local business.

One to one conversation

It’s important to remember that using Twitter is really a one to one conversation. You shouldn’t think of it as a monologue. Ask your followers/customers questions, ask them to evaluate your business, try to make them help you to get better at what you do.

I would have a conversation about my vegetarian restaurant’s menu, about the prices, and about the interior of the restaurant. The conversation should be about everything related to your business.

Specials and discounts

A few times a day, you should tweet about what’s happening at your business. For instance, at my vegetarian restaurant, I would tell people about today’s food. If there was a meal of the day, and a special discount.

Busy or not

I would also tweet about how many customers I’m serving at lunch, at dinner time and so on. This way, my followers would know if there’s other people in my restaurant, if it’s a queu outside or not.

Real time

It’s always interesting if you could report something in real time. If I just had a talk with an awesome customer, I would want to tweet about it. I would tell all my followers that I had this completely stranger tell me that my vegetarian lasagna was the best she’d ever tasted.

Here are 10 awesome stories about ways to promote your local business using Twitter:

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