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How to promote my site at Text Link Ads

I have been a member of Text Link Ads for a while, it´s an awesome service that they provide for us bloggers. But recently I have been questioning how I should be promoting my site for advertisers wanting to buy ads on my blog. Advertisers can find my blog with various tags in the Text Link Ads directory. So, if they are browsing along and want to buy ads on a site about online marketing, they can search for that tag and find my blog and the rates for placing an ad on my site.

If I write a good enough description about my blog, and they find my alexa ranking good enough and everything else ok, they might buy an advertising spot on my site. This is ok, I can probably get more advertisers if I rewrite the description and find better tags.

But what I am having a little trouble with is how to promote my advertising spot from Text Link Ads directly to visitors on my blog. When a visitor comes to my blog, he or she might find that they like my blog and that it would be perfect to advertise their business on it, how can they do it without any complications and as easy as possible?

I have been provided with a direct link to my text link ads spot in the directory, clicking on that one should bring my visitors to my text link ads spot. But it seems to me that any person not member of Text Link Ads have to register (for free) and become a member before they can access my information. This is not good enough.

If Text Link Ads would want more members (and of course they do), they should provide my information to the world without everybody having to log in to actually view it. Then after reading my information and my price, they can become a member and start advertising on my blog (and other blogs / sites).

Today people would either have to be a member already or they would have to read all about how Text Link Ads work before advertising on my blog. I bet that the scenario is something like this today, not only for myself but for fellow publishers:

You can say that this might not be happening, but as long as the system at Text Link Ads is the way it is today, I think that this is happening more than we know. Why shouldn´t I browse the directory and check out if there are better sites to actually place my ad instead? To me it seems like the only reasonable thing to do, and I don´t blame anybody for it. I would probably do it as well.

So, why can´t we get an easier system to sell our ads to our own visitors instead of just giving Text Link Ads new customers and our competitors more ads? Well, if you are an affiliate at Text Link Ads you might actually be earning money from your visitors buying ads at your competitors as well (at least if your visitor was referred buy you).

2 responses to “How to promote my site at Text Link Ads”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Pretty good. I created TEtoolbox so people could make splash pages with an easy editor. I know it can be tough being told to make your own when you don’t know how. Looks like you know how 😉

  2. Jens says:

    Thank you.

    I am just a newbie when it comes to creating splash pages.

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