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How To Promote Anything On Facebook

Millions are using it, everybody is talking about it. Now you can start using Facebook to promote your products. First off, you got to get as many friends as possible. When you use Facebook your friends are not just what you would consider a friend out in “the real world”, by that I mean that they don´t have to be a very close friend. So I suggest that you find people you know, and add them as a friend. The more friends the better. That is, if you want this marketing strategy to work.

I don´t think that this is going to be a problem. Most people you know will probably agree to be your friend. I know many people with several hundred “friends”, and they just keep on adding more and more. I am not sure about the reason for them to be adding more friends, maybe they have a competition going or something.

But as I stated above, there is a pretty good reason for you to have as many friends as possible.

When you post anything as a link or a note, you can share it with all of your friends. They will see it on their frontpage along with the rest of your newsfeeds. So, if you post a link to your business or anything you want to promote, and if you add a picture or a logo to it, “everybody” will see it and many might even click on it.

Below is an image of how your friends´ newsfeed with your pictures and the link to your business might be showing:

Just click on posted items in the left menu, and then click on post a link in the right sidebar. Then after you have posted the link, you will be able to add comments to it.

If you want everybody to see your posted items, you will have to do the following (all according to Facebook):

1. Go to the Privacy page.
2. Follow the link to the “Profile” section.
3. Scroll down to the section with the “Profile Features” heading
4. Use the dropdown to control who can see “Posts to Your Profile.”

Please note that if you select “No One,” you will not be able to see the Posted Items section on your own profile.

If you ask a few friends to share your posted items (the link to your business) on their own profile, their friends (the ones that are not your friends) will also see your advertisement. In theory, you could be showing your advertisement to thousands of people, at least if a few “popular” friends will help you out.

In order for your friends to help you out, they need to click on share next to your posted items (images, video, or your link), and according to Facebook:

If you click on a Share link next to any piece of content, you will have the option to send that content in a message or post that content to your profile.

12 responses to “How To Promote Anything On Facebook”

  1. Lee Seats says:

    Did you ever try Digital Ad Gear? Are they worthwhile or just another one of the many scam sites out there? If you have not tried them or had any feedback about them, I might give them a try and report on them in my Traffic Searcher blog.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Lee,

    I never did try them. If you do, please give me some feedback on how it works out for you.

  3. Lee Seats says:

    I signed up for their Campaign Fox deal. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  4. Jens says:

    great, thanks!

  5. Marc says:

    I’ve tried campaign fox with digital ad gear. It does not work for high ticket direct sales programs. But you might have some results with affiliate products or low cost mlm stuff.

    Other than that, I have heard good and bad about digital ad gear. I currently have ordered the high ticket 1up/2up package ordered. It should go out Nov.8. Another issue I’m am dealing with is they charged my credit card twice for the same order. They also take forever to respond to support tickets and do not have a listed phone number. So, there’s just some facts for you to think about!

  6. Jens says:

    Hi Marc,

    Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

  7. Tim Flowers says:

    I tried Campaign Fox and got absolutely no results from it. Nothing.

  8. Jens says:

    Hi Tim

    Sorry to hear that, but thanks for sharing.

  9. Anton says:

    I signed up with them for an advertising campaign and it is TOTALLY USELESS.

    Their service prices seem very low, but are 100% lies!

    What’s amazing, is that I checked my website with the advertising they claim to have delivered, and it is MUCH LESS then what in reality has been sent.

    This company is just out to make a quick buck from people trying to advertise, and in-reality has no intentions of delivering you quality advertising services.

    I highly recommend you STAY AWAY from them!!

  10. Edward Villamar says:

    I looked into the Ad Gear website and it really seems like there is too much food on this plate. Like the saying goes, “When you advertise to everyone, you advertise to nobody.” It is too much to do with little time to get into mastering the tools in the website.

    With Traffic Oasis you get the most important tool which is leads. And the way to properly follow up with leads is through an auto resoponder which is included with the Traffic Oasis upgraded membership.

    When the time is right, those leads will e mail or call you to join either Traffic Oasis or your affiliate program. It is a win-win situation without too much on one plate. Life should be simple as Traffic Oasis.

    Edward Villamar

  11. I’ve never paid for online marketing, I am too worried about what could happen if I signed up with the wrong company. Apparently, Google rates you negatively and can remove your site if they find out your marketing practices aren’t real.

  12. I have tried many paid advertising solutions, some really good and some fairly bad. I only test marketing that seems to white hat, and therefore I won’t have any problems with Google or other search engines removing my site.

    … but I agree with you, it’s important not to do any black hat stuff.

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