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How The Prime Minister of Norway Should Be Using Facebook

I read a post earlier today about Jens Stoltenberg, the prime minister of Norway. He had apparently just created a page on Facebook in order to promote himself and the labour party before the next elections.

He is not the first politician to create a page on Facebook, because they have been using Facebook to target young voters for a few years. He is the first prime minister in Norway to create one, but that’s because Facebook hasn’t been around that long.

Why has Jens Stoltenberg, the prime minister of Norway created a page on Facebook? Is it just because he is targeting young voters?

It might be, but that’s not my concern. I want to give you a few tips on what he should be doing when it comes to marketing himself and the labour party on Facebook.

He should get personal

He should write comments, he should be answering questions. He could be adding pictures and tagging members of the party. He should create events, and be the moderator. If members of Facebook (and the media) discovered his personal involvement, it would have a huge viral effect and people would soon start to spread the word.

He should add twitter

It’s all about being personal, and by using twitter and combining it with Facebook. People would really get involved to be able to get updated on what our prime minister are doing. That would actually be really cool, if he would add tweets while he was attending conferences and he was bored. He would soon become a hero among the kids.

He should ask questions

A prime minister, and politicians in general, all they seem to do is answer questions from the public or asking other politicians questions. They never seem to be asking the general public or the voters any questions. Facebook is the perfect place to start a conversation. He should be asking people all sorts of questions; it’s less time consuming than doing it any other way, and it’s completely free.

He should write short

I am not sure if I have ever seen a politician answer any question with just a few sentences, it would be really cool if the prime minister of Norway could do just that. Start using the web how it should be used, and just write short posts, this way it would be a lot easier for ordinary people to respond.

He should join causes

I am not going to mention them all, but there are many causes you can join on Facebook. Everything from “save Darfur” to “Stop Global Warming” to “Down With Bush”, and several really weird ones. Now, the prime minister should start joining causes he believes in, and start supporting them. By doing that, people will find out what kind of guy he really is, and if he supports the same stuff as they are doing. It’s a lot easier to understand the causes on Facebook than reading articles in newspapers about what the prime minister is supporting.

He should create groups and/or become active in groups

There are many groups related to political questions in Norway. If he joined them, and took an active part of the conversation, he would soon get more attention and more followers. Not many politicians are doing this, probably not a single one from the government.

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