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How much time do you use online?

To be successful at what you do, you need to spend time doing it. And if you are just about to start your online business, you should probably spend a little extra time. So what happens when you don’t have any extra time to spend?

Ok, look at what I am doing for a second. I am working at a university, I have a wife and two kids (3 years and 1 years old). On a good day (if you consider having time to online marketing a good day) I can probably spend about 1 1/2 hour to do marketing and updating my blog and everything else I should be doing online.

I have to be very organized if I should become anywhere near successful. If I didn’t think about what I should be doing with the 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour I can spend online before I actually sat down at my desk and started to click on my mouse, I wouldn’t get hardly any work done. So, I use a notbook (of real paper) where I write down my thoughts and when I get my hour, I know exactly what I am going to do.

I am hoping that one day, when my kids get a little older, I will have more time to do my online business and to develop my blog. But the most important thing to me, is that I love my familiy and it’s great to spend as much time with them as possible. So, what I am really doing now is getting closer and closer to something that I am going to be proud of online (and eventually I think that I will get there). But if you are in a hurry, you should probably spend more time online than what I am currently doing 🙂

How many hours a day are you online? I would love to hear your story.

6 responses to “How much time do you use online?”

  1. Dan Moran says:

    I can tell you first hand that Google will close your account if your site is advertised with an auto-surf program. I had a membership site where people were encouraged/rewarded for getting others to join. Some of the members put their affiliate link into auto-surf systems to promote the site. I happened to have Adsense ads posted on the site. Google sent me a couple of warnings telling me that I was violating their terms of service, but they wouldn’t tell me how/why. It wasn’t until after they cancelled my account that I figured out it was the whole auto-surf thing. – Dan

  2. Dawud Miracle says:

    Jens. My suggestion – put in the work. I know the shortcuts seem worth it, but in the long run you’ll find yourself either in shut out or with an unsustainable business model.

  3. Jens says:

    Hi Dawud,

    I didn’t mean that I would want to test it or to see if I could be using any shortcuts. But more like, what happens if somebody else would do it to you?

    What happens if somebody put your site with AdSense ads in an auto-surf program, just to mess things up for you?

  4. Dawud Miracle says:

    Good question, Jens. Maybe I was a bit unclear from you post. I can’t say I know what will happen. Anyone else have an idea?

  5. Carl Sorensen says:

    If someone were to malicously do this to you then you would need to let Google know that it wasn’t you.

    Be honest and courteous and you’ll probably be okay…

    Google is a beast, but in my experience I have found them very reasonable to deal with.


  6. Tim Linden says:

    Their whole thing saying their is nothing a competitor can do to mess with your site is a lie. Their filters and such penalize you if you get too much of an increase in incoming links to fast, if the incoming links are spammy, etc.

    For instance look at Dan.. If it were to happen to you, you wouldn’t know it came from an auto-surf site. And they won’t tell you what you are doing wrong. So how would you be able to say it isn’t you when you don’t know what it is that is causing it?

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