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How to measure success?

After reading a post at a forum, a topic and a forum that I just can´t remember where to find, I thought that I just write down some of my thoughts related to the post. Well, the post was originally very different from what I am writing today, but my thoughts ended up somewhere else – probably on the opposite side of the thoughts of the people discussing the topic, but anyway here are my thoughts.

How do we measure success?

Are you successful?

Joe could be earning $100,000 a year from his online business, Claire could be earning $100 a year. Who do you think is the most successful of the two? Well, the answer might be easy to you – of course Joe is earning a lot more than Claire so he has to be the most successful of the two. I agree, but do we actually measure success in terms of how much money you are earning or how smooth your business is running or how little efforts you do (an automated income)?

Another example for you:

Joe is earning $100,000 a year and he is working 10 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year (ok, I will give Joe three week holiday). Samantha is earning $50,000 a year (half of what Joe is earning), but she is only working 5 hours a day 4 days a week, and she has 5 weeks of vacation during the year. Now, which one of the two is the most successful person?

Another example for you:

Joe is earning $100,000 a year and he is working hard (like the example above), Sara is only working minutes a day (and not every day) 3 hours a week (checking that everything is working), she can have all the vacation she wants and she is earning $15,000 a year. Joe is earning way more, but is he still the most successful person?

I think that success is very individual. Joe might not be successful in his own mind (and even to his own family), because Joe want to buy the most expensive cars and he want to live in the biggest house and so on (so does his family). He will not be successful until he is the best, or at least until he is earning $500,000 a year. Other people might be successful (at least in their own mind) if they are in profit from what they are accomplishing online, even though if they are only earning $100 a month from it. They are so happy that they are in profit from something they love to do (or something that is totally automatic or very easy to do), they do care how much they are earning other than that they are in profit.

It´s difficult to be successful online but it might be even harder to measure success.

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