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How to Market anything during Christmas

Christmas, a time when you can get more traffic to your website, or a time when people are so focused on Christmas that they don’t have much time for anything else?

Well, I am not really sure.

I guess that some people might not have time for anything other than their families and to shop for presents and everything else that they do for Christmas.

Anyway, even though a lot of people don’t have time for a lot of extra stuff during Christmas, there are certain things you can do in order to market yourself, your website or your products during this time of the year.

First, what time of the year do you consider Christmas to be?

Most people might say December 24 or 25, but I am now writing about the time when people start to focus a lot of their thoughts and energy on Christmas. I would think that it starts around December 1st (do you agree?).

From December 1st, what can you do to market anything online or offline?

I think that there are at least three different things you can do.

Most people consider Christmas to be a good thing, most of us are looking forward to Christmas (time off from work, time with your family, great food and you will hopefully get some very nice gifts). Therefore, most of us think about Christmas way ahead of time, like from December 1st or so.

I haven’t looked recently, but my guess is that most of the major search engines have increased searches for Christmas related stuff; like santa claus, jesus and Christmas as a secular holiday

From the time of December 1st and to December 26 or so, maybe even a few more days, I would do three things different in order to market whatever.

Give Christmas more attention in your marketing material or on your blog / website.

1. Talk about christmas
2. Give a gift (bonus)
3. Be a helper (and talk about it)

If you talk or write more about Christmas, people will listen to you. As I wrote above, most of us are looking forward to Christmas time and we are thinking about it whether we like it or not. The moment we hear or read anything about Christmas, it will get a little extra attention. Finding out interesting facts about Christmas could be something to focus on. Maybe telling the story of how your Christmas was 10 years ago in a completely different country or at least telling a story that people will be interested to hear; what kind of Christmas gifts should a creative Internet marketer wish for?

You could give a gift to your visitors, because it’s Christmas time and they have all helped you and now it’s finally your turn to help them. Give a gift that will get people to talk about you and your company or you and your website. If the gift is something people will appreciate, they will probably tell other people about it, maybe some will even write a short review on their blog.

Finally, Christmas time is also about helping people. Not just about giving gifts and talking about history (nothing wrong with that though). Help people, provide them with something that they will really appreciate. You can do this offline, and then tell people the story online. By giving your readers the story about how you helped someone during Christmas, you might get a lot more “friendly” readers, they might consider you more as a friend than as someone somewhere writing about something they are interested in.

Tell your visitors to donate to charity, maybe to UNICEF or something, tell them how much you donated, and tell your visitors to tell their visitors to donate and so on. This could be viral thing, and if they like the thought, they will appreciate that you told them.

At Christmas time a lot of the information are about Christmas, remember to integrate some of the information in your marketing.

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