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How To Keep Uninterested Visitors Coming Back

Lately, my thoughts have not only been on the new design and the new domain and what I am going to be blogging about in the future. It’s a fact that I am going to be focusing on different things for the contents of my blog, but it will be about Internet marketing and it always will be.

My thoughts lately have also been on how to sell to uninterested visitors? I get a lot of people to my blog who are not here for anything related to marketing or to buy anything. They might only be here for one post only, and then they may never come back again. It would be awesome to know how to grab their attention and how to actually make money from them.

I am going to be a little more specific. Recently I have received most visitors to my blog because of two posts, and that’s two posts not related to Internet marketing and my blog topic at all. I wrote one post about Paul Potts, the awesome opera singer and one post about how to understand Google Analytics Bounce Rate. Both of them have been very popular on my blog. The problem is that most people visiting my blog because of one of the two posts are not interested in anything else on my blog (well, they might be) and will probably leave after 1 or 2 minutes.

They come to my blog by searching for either Paul Potts or Google Bounce Rate using the Google Search Engine or Yahoo! or some other search engine. And when they have read the post they are gone and will probably never come back.

What I have been thinking about is how can I keep them coming back, or maybe make a sale or two before they leave? And when you consider that they are not interested in Internet marketing, it is a pretty hard thing to do. At the moment I don’t have the answers, but hopefully I am going to try a new approach pretty soon. There have to be a way to keep them interested.

Most people are interested in earning extra money, and if I put it in huge letters on my blog “Click Here if You Want To Earn $1,000”, I would think that most of my visitors would click even if they are not interested in Internet marketing. But maybe there’s another way, a way that wouldn’t destroy my design completely (the new design that you haven’t seen yet).

I will keep you informed …

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