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How To Increase Donations To Your Blog

I bet you have seen the buttons for donations to various sites and blogs. They are kind of boring and they might work, the authors might get some donations, but I have actually never done it. At least not so far, I might do it some day. When I visited a blog a few days ago, I found a new way to get donations. A more interesting way, and I think that this will work a lot better than the old one.

It´s still the same method, it uses paypal and the person wanting to give the donation either pays a fixed amount of money or he or she can choose the amount to donate themselves. What is new is this, there´s a plugin for wordpress (and probably other systems as well) where you get a small picture of a coffee cup, and the text: “if you liked this post please buy me a cup of coffee” or some similar words. This way, the reader will probably think about how cheap a cup of coffee is and that why not? I like the post a lot and the author seems to be a great guy (or something).

Another interesting idea for the plugin is instead of the coffee, you can use “if you liked this post, please buy me a beer” with a picture of a beer next to the words. I am not sure which one is the best, well, I guess it all depends on what kind of readers you have.

I haven´t tried this myself, but they both seems to be very good ideas. At the moment, I can´t find a link to the coffee donation plugin for wordpress. But I will update this post as soon as I find it.

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