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How I Read Hundreds of Blog Posts a Day

I subscribe to a lot of blogs, I’m not sure how many, but whenever I log in to my Google Reader I have hundreds of new blog posts to read.

Earlier, it took me a while, it took me several days to go through the list of blog posts. And when I thought I was finished, new blog posts had arrived.

It was a constant struggle.

Until I discovered the stars…

Now, what I’m doing it his.

I browse through all the headlines of the new blog posts, and when I find a new blog post I add a star to it. I don’t read it right away, I only add stars to the blog posts I find interesting.

Then, when I have finish adding stars, I click on “mark all as read”.

Now, when I click on “starred items” in the left menu, I’ll only see the blog posts that I found interesting.

This technique saves me a lot of time.

21 responses to “How I Read Hundreds of Blog Posts a Day”

  1. Jim Westergren says:

    Thanks, that was a great recommendation.

  2. Gilbert Van Norman says:

    I have a bunch of blogs that I read daily. I would love to use Google reader. But, I dont know how to add the blogs that I read to it.

  3. Brice says:

    Good idea, it can be hard to get through all the different blog posts, especially when you subscribe to blogs that post once or twice every day.

  4. It's actually very easy. Once you log in, just click on “add a subscription” in the left menu. Then paste the url, and you're done (well, you can put the blog in a category to keep track of the various blogs).

  5. Hey Jim. Thanks a lot for your comment.

  6. Yes, if I didn't do this, or something similar, I would never “read” as many blogs every day.

  7. Mushi says:

    Cool Tricks. Never thought of it.

  8. Ric Nunez says:

    I'm like you, tons of blogs post, and I try to not unsubscribe from any blog. There's always good content showing up every now and then. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Cesare says:

    Thanks for the tip. How do you deal with double news (same news blogged by 2 blogs)?

  10. Hey Ric. Thanks a lot for you comment. I agree, there are always some good content showing up once in a while on all blogs, and by using the “system” I'm using, it just takes a few second to spot the good / interesting posts 🙂

  11. Hey Mushi, thanks a lot for your comment 🙂

  12. Then, I'll star (and eventually read) the blog I find most entertaining and the one I trust the most out of the two… that's if the title of the blog post is identical.

    I haven't had this problem yet. I might actually read both blog posts as well, and only when I got to the end would I figure out that they were two identical posts 🙂

  13. Elmar Schneider says:

    Good Tip. I pretty much do the same on Twitter. I favourite what sounds interesting and then work through the favourites later instead of reading everything when it comes in. I guess the trick generally is to find a way to seperate the “clutter” from the good stuff and organize yourself to not get overwhelmed in times of Social Media.

  14. Steven says:

    I too am following hundreds of blogs a day. I have a somewhat obsessive personality, but it’s a way I get “fully engaged” in what I am doing, and I find it’s a great learning experience.

  15. Technary says:

    Simple and useful tip. Thanks.

  16. Magento Developer says:

    , just downloaded your eBook, thanks for that. I use google Reader as well and it is quite helpful in following trends and catching up on a regular basis

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