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How I read Blog Posts

It’s been a while since I’ve written about how I read blog posts. The reason I write about it is because I have my own technique, and I read many posts each day, sometimes as many as several hundred posts.

To me, reading blog posts is very important, it’s part of how I learn, and it’s part of staying in touch with people. Commenting on blogs is one of the most important parts of relationship marketing when it comes to doing online business.

I use Google Reader to track the updates on all the blogs I read. But, I have bought a software called Reeder to use on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. Reeder is beautiful, easy to use and very powerful. I have added my Google Reader settings and it does everything Google Reader does, but it’s just a lot more beautiful and more powerful.

I read blogs in three steps every single day.

how i read blogs

I have a system to filter blog posts:

Now, I will only read the posts I have starred as important enough to read. This way I’ll take a brief look at as many as 500 blog posts a day, but I’ll end up only reading the most important ones.

I comment on the blog posts from inside Reeder, sometimes from my Mac, sometimes from my iPad and even from my iPhone. The great thing about Reeder is that it helps remember my settings, and it syncs across to the various devices.

How do you read blog posts?

Are you using Google Reader and Reeder, or are you using a different system?

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