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How I read Blog Posts

It’s been a while since I’ve written about how I read blog posts. The reason I write about it is because I have my own technique, and I read many posts each day, sometimes as many as several hundred posts.

To me, reading blog posts is very important, it’s part of how I learn, and it’s part of staying in touch with people. Commenting on blogs is one of the most important parts of relationship marketing when it comes to doing online business.

I use Google Reader to track the updates on all the blogs I read. But, I have bought a software called Reeder to use on my Mac, iPhone and iPad. Reeder is beautiful, easy to use and very powerful. I have added my Google Reader settings and it does everything Google Reader does, but it’s just a lot more beautiful and more powerful.

I read blogs in three steps every single day.

how i read blogs

I have a system to filter blog posts:

Now, I will only read the posts I have starred as important enough to read. This way I’ll take a brief look at as many as 500 blog posts a day, but I’ll end up only reading the most important ones.

I comment on the blog posts from inside Reeder, sometimes from my Mac, sometimes from my iPad and even from my iPhone. The great thing about Reeder is that it helps remember my settings, and it syncs across to the various devices.

How do you read blog posts?

Are you using Google Reader and Reeder, or are you using a different system?

80 responses to “How I read Blog Posts”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, Thank you for your insights on this. That’s great that you can get through so many blog posts by using this method. I agree, it’s very important to read other posts. I have learned so very much from other bloggers (including you!) that has been helpful to me in so many ways.

    Commenting also helps to build relationships, as you said. Through commenting you can develop and enrich friendships. It means so much to a blogger when you take the time to leave a comment on their blog.

    • I started out by bookmarking all the various blogs and just visiting them when I had the time to see if they had written some new posts, but it took a lot of time. After that I started out with Google Reader and that was like a revolution to me. Now, using Reeder I’ve gone a step further and it’s the best solution for me. I send the posts I don’t comment on to Pocket and read them on my iPhone or iPad when I’m offline 🙂

  2. iRewardChart says:

    Certainly, I have a need for a reader like this. I am going to try it out.
    At any given point, I have at least 8-10tabs open on my Firefox, ‘to be read’! I never get chance to read them, and next time I reset Firefox, I reset the tabs. Some tabs have been there for months (I’m not kidding) 🙂
    Thanks for your recommendation Jens!

    • Rahman says:

      Firfox lets you bookmark your favorite blog feeds at your toolbar. Then, you don’t need to keep open all those tabs for months! You open the post you want to read and then you close it. You don’t want to read? OK, you don’t open it. This way you have at least a better feeling.

      Of course, the best way is not to subscribe to the blogs you don’t want to or you cannot read. There are numerous blogs that are worth reading, but we have limited time to read. This is a fact and we have to be selective in doing so.

      Rahman Mehraby
      TraveList Marketing Blog

    • That’s how I started out. I have tried lots of different plugins too, but to me using Google Reader inside Reeder is the perfect solution. It’s not free, but it’s worth it if you read a lot of posts and especially if it’s part of your business.

  3. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    I use a simpler system – just load the posts up (Yeah, it takes a lot of time to do that). One thing I know that can save me time, but I don’t do it is to read posts from G reader (some blogs display the full content on their feed, I could just read it there, but I open it up to read. So, it takes me about 8-10 minutes to read, comment and share each posts I read.

    As of now, I have about 50 blogs in my reading list and I read and comment every day on average of 1 hour per day.

    I also use the folder system – categorize blogs into folders (well, not based on importance, but based on “how” I work with them, for instance, I have a separate folder for my commenting tribe members).

    Another thing I have done in the past is to use the “next” button (You can find the next button bookmarklet under Goodies in G reader). So, when I want to read a blog post, I click the next button and the page redirects to blog article – in descending order, with newest items coming first).

    • I use a folder system as well, so I can categorize each of the blogs. But mostly I just go to the inbox and see what’s new and star all the posts that seems interesting. It’s fast and it works great. But your system seems to be working great as well 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    I just started to use the Google reader the other day, getting used to it. I also check Networked Blogs and sign for some via email. I also look through Triberr which is what got me here now 🙂
    I’ll have to explore more what is available for my Droid.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • I have just started out reading blog posts on my iPhone and it’s actually a lot easier than I thought, so now I’m both reading blog posts and commenting on them directly from my iPhone 🙂

  5. Joseph Hipolito says:

    I agree for what did you post in here sir jens, and theres alot of people that not doing those patterns for read a blog…

  6. Hi Jens,

    Wow – this sounds so much simpler than what I’m doing 😉

    I use Triberr every day and then I visit my own core group of blogs and bounce around from there.

    I know I don’t read nearly as many blogs as you do, but I do spend about an hour each day on blog reading, so I’m pretty pleased with that.

    Thanks for sharing – will have to look at organizing my methods a bit more!


    • Triberr is awesome, but what I’ve done is to start subscribing to the blogs of the people in my tribe. So I’ll get them up in my Reeder when there’s a new post. This works great and it’s fast 🙂

  7. Bill Dorman says:

    I use Google Reader primarily; occasionally I go through Triberr.

    I try to keep my Reader as clean as possible so I can see when the new posts pop up. I’ll either read it right then, or like you, star it so I can come back to it.

    Mondays and Thursdays are popular post days so that is probably when most of my reading gets done. Saturday is a good catch-up day because it slows down and allows you to check out new people or people you don’t see as much.

    That’s my story; I’m sticking with it…

    • Hey Bill,

      I try to comment every single day, but like you, I see that there are more posts on Mondays and Thursdays. I probably should start to unsubscribe to some of the blogs I read, I can’t keep up with them all. Too many blogs too little time 🙂

  8. Jens – It is nice to know how you go about reading blog posts, I can see how easy it will be and am amazed at how much you get done by doing so.

    I should start adapting this technique now 🙂

    • It works great for me. It’s fast and easy to use. If you only use Google Reader it’s free as well. I don’t remember how much I paid for Reeder, but I know it was worth every penny 🙂

  9. Adrienne says:

    You mean you can even comment from that program without visiting each different blog Jens? Can you share their posts too?

    Dang Jens, that’s really cool. Too bad I don’t have a Mac. I would LOVE that. I guess you don’t know if they make a service like that for PC’s! I read a lot of blogs myself and that sure would make it convenient for me.

    Thanks for sharing and now I’m jealous.


  10. Mark says:

    You have all the tech tools of the trade Jens!

    These are some great tips to consuming large amounts of content 😮

    I’m a bit old school; every blog I follow I subscribe to via email. I don’t miss anything this way. Readers were hard for me to organize.

    With the tips in this post, I will certainly give it a try again : )

    Thanks Jens!

    • Your system definitively works, and it seems like a great system Mark.

      I started out using bookmarks, and just visited every single blog without even knowing if they had updated content. And after that I started subscribing to their RSS feeds by using Google Reader, and now I’m using Reeder and it’s so fast and powerful 🙂

  11. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Jens

    I’m totally antiquated when it comes to reading blog posts! I mark the blog as a favourite in my web browser and then have a look on a daily basis whether there has been any new posts. I have a core set of blogs I like to visit but it’s growing and becoming time-consuming doing it this way!

    If there hasn’t been a post for at least a month for any good reason, you’re gone from my list. BAM!

    I’m heading straight over to Google Reader after I post this comment to check it out. I knew about Reeder and may buy that for my iPhone too.

    Thanks Jens for hopefully increasing my productivity!


    • Jens-Petter Berget says:

      Hey Tim,

      That’s how I started reading blogs. But, using Google Reader is so much faster and when I started combining it with Reeder I was very satisfied with my system 🙂

      – and especially now that I’m using both my iPhone and iPad for reading blogs as well.

  12. Hajra says:

    Hi Jens,

    I use Google Reader but I check it once every three days or so…not everyday. My all time favorite blogs always land in my inbox – yes, I just make sure they are right there in front of me so that I don’t miss them.

    My reader does get crowded some times (I am subscribed to over 60 blogs!) but I manage to catch up during the weekends.

  13. Tom Treanor says:

    Great system and thanks for sharing it. I can see how that would work really well so I may have to give Google Reader one more shot!

  14. Jack says:

    I don’t use a reader. If I like a blog I visit the actual site otherwise I just don’t see it. It makes it easier for me to feel like I am on top of things and not overwhelmed by the 100s of posts I have not read.

    • You’ve got a point. I don’t like to see all the 100s of posts I haven’t read. But, using Google Reader/Reeder makes it fast to read and comment, and that’s why I’m still using it.

  15. Cendrine Marrouat says:

    Hello Jens,

    Insightful article, as always!

    I like to read everything in my Inbox. I use Blogtrottr to subscribe to RSS feed. I usually scan through all my subscriptions daily and only click to read the titles that are the most appealing.

  16. Mike Hale says:

    I read blogs (about 200 posts per day) using JustReader for Android on my Nexus 7. I just flip through them and if the headline looks interesting I scan or skim the article. If there’s more to it or if I want to share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or bookmark it for later use I’ll star it. Then once a day or so I go through my starred items on my PC or laptop and read them more thoroughly bookmark or share.

    This is the only way I’ve found that lets me go through that many posts per day in a meaningful way without missing too much.

    • Jens-Petter Berget says:

      Hey Mike,

      This is the first time I’ve heard about JustReader. I’ll take a closer look at it and see if it’s anything like Reeder. It seems that we’re using the same systems.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  17. Shiva says:

    Hi Jens,
    I currently have installed a Chrome feed reader plugin which displays the new posts of the blogs that I have added to my feed and I just browse through those posts but yours really seem to be an easier method. Adding star to titles with nice headlines, makes it easier to browse through 100 of blog posts in the least time. Pretty useful as this way, I can ignore the unwanted posts

    • Hey Shiva,

      Your method looks great. I am not sure if mine will be any faster, but it certainly works. One thing I didn’t mention, but I’ll mention it in another post, is that I also use an app called Pocker, where I add the interesting posts that I don’t comment on. I send them from Reeder to Pocket so I can read them offline on my iPhone and iPad.

  18. Bidify says:

    Some people never follows blog.But I m completely agreed with you.It really helps people to build relationships and sometimes it gives you Important knowledge and New ideas.And your blog makes me remind one more think “The more you read,the more you learn.”

    • If you’re a blogger you need to follow blogs. I believe it’s one of the most important things we do as bloggers. We need to read blogs to understand how to become a better blogger, and we need to connect with bloggers to create strong relationships.

  19. Anna says:

    I use google reader but I dont read many posts but I always wanna read a lot .

    • Hi Anna,

      Google Reader is awesome. You don’t need to read a lot, but you need to read the right blogs 🙂

      I am always adding new blogs to my reader, but I keep deleting the ones that I don’t find interesting enough.

  20. Jenny Craig says:

    Hello! I’ve read your article. It was really helpful & informative. I’ll visit your blog again to get new update..

  21. Ana Hoffman says:

    I don’t even want to ask if I make the starred section, Jens. lol Or even RSS feed?

    I am on Mac as well and really don’t like Google Reader interface, so this sounds like a great tool for me.

    • Hey Ana,

      Your posts are always starred, and that’s because they are always of very high quality. Unfortunately I haven’t had enough time to read the latest updates or comment, but I’ll be over fairly soon 🙂

      I love Reeder, and I’m sure you’ll love it too… the Google Reader interface is terrible 🙂

  22. Kesha Brown says:

    I use google reader too but just the web version. Once a week, I try to get in there and clean it out but sometimes there’s just so much and I can’t get through it all (even just the ones I want to read and comment on)!

    So needless to say, my reader has way too many unread posts LOL

    I’ll try your starred method and see if that helps me. I also am learning the art of making valuable comments faster so that I can get through more posts and commenting on them.

    • Hi Kesha,

      That happens to me as well. But, I try to make it a habit to check my google reader every single day, this way it won’t be a total chaos when I finally get the time to check it 🙂

      I don’t read blog posts every single day, or comment on blog posts every day, but I try to keep my Google Reader as organized as possible every day.

      Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂

  23. Gabo says:

    I am a mac user as well, although I haven’t heard about Reeder before. But now I feel totally assured by your review, I think I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Warren says:

    Hey Jens I’ve recently launched a new site and have a renewed sense of wonder about all the aspects of launching a new site from scratch and have been reading a ton of new blogs (it’s amazing how many big name bloggers/marketers I’ve not yet heard of) and this will be a good system to try. I don’t think I’ll see anywhere near 500 but if I can see 50 and read 20 I’d be happy with that! 🙂

  25. Thanks for the post, i’m going to check out that software you use. I agree with you 100% reading blogs and great blogs like yours, helps you learn and grow as your own blogger.

  26. Shadab says:

    Hey, that is a fantastic way. When I am reading the post, and commented on it then I bookmarked the page for future so that if I again land on this page the star sign indicate that we have commented on this page. For example, I have bookmarked your page too.

    Best Regards!

  27. Hey Shadab,

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. I use the technique every single day and it works great, I am glad that you’re enjoying it as well 🙂

  28. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens, I think this is a fantastic way to manage how you read articles, however my way of doing this is very archaic I think…

    I have a folder inside gmail for bloggers and every single day I open that folder, click on every e-mail that I find and then once I have everything loaded on tabs, I check all the articles and decide which ones to close and just leave the ones that interest me.

    From there, I start reading and commenting on the ones I have something to share and for the ones that I don’t have anything to say (but I liked the article) I’ll hit the share buttons and move on to the next blog.

    These times, many people don’t realize that if you don’t have time to leave a comment but the content IS good, a RT, FB share or even a Google +1 is really appreciated and considered blog etiquette as well.

    I still think your way of using your Apple toys to read articles is way cool man, keep the tips coming!


    • Hey Sergio,

      It seems that your method works great for you, even though it might take more time than mine 🙂

      I also try to share most of what I read, at least the good ones. And that’s why I use buffer so I don’t share everything at the same time. Buffer is awesome, and I especially like that they’ve added Facebook Pages to it.

  29. Simmeon says:

    Afternoon Jens,


    That’s what some people would call “Heavy Reading”

    But you seem to be literally tearing through and reading like your life depending on it.

    Fair play Jens, I like that you set about reading like an army objective.

    We are even treated to a nice diagram where we can see how progress it made.

    Awesome buddy – Like you way of thinking.

    But I assume you have blogs that you just love an will read regardless or …?

    Me personally, I read on average 20 blogs per day and will comment on a large proportion of them.

    Might need to get more organised with my commenting patterns.

    PS: You look younger in your blog newsletter image that your Gravater, do you use the fountain of youth?

    • Hi Simmeon,

      I read a lot, but that’s because I enjoy reading and I’m learning a lot from reading other blogs.

      I am not sure if I was younger on the picture in my newsletter or not. They’re both a few years old 🙂

      I am getting old and experienced 🙂

  30. Jens, this is super cool.

    Super super cool 🙂

    Anyone who does something well, almost always has tips, tricks, and systems they use to help them — whether they realize it or not.

    Good of you to share.

    My system is verrrry different.

    It relies on “top-of-mind” principle, and my deep faith in my own intuition photographic-memory.

    The idea is this:
    I come across a blog/blogger that I feel good about. In my mind, I have a relationship and resonance with this blogger.

    They are officially given ‘mindshare’.

    Then, when I feel compelled to read posts, I stop by and I know there’ll be something there for me to appreciate.

    This system leads me to posts I might have skipped, were I focused on headlines, because I’m aiming to connect with the blogger personally, regardless of content.

    I also keep an excel spreadsheet of blogs in the community, and my relationship with them, so if I want to I can “jog my memory” by looking.

    P.S. I’m assuming RYZE gets starred every time, correct?

    • Hey Jason,

      Wow. I’m even happier to see you now here on my blog, now that I know your system 🙂

      I have thought about using a spreadsheet as well, but adding all the blogs to Reeder/Google Reader does the job for me.

      You’re definitively one of the most creative people I know 🙂

      • Hehe, yeah man, I love it 🙂

        And that’s the beauty, everyone sorts out what works for them. Different systems everywhere 🙂

        Thanks for the creativity-props — and you’re not the only one! Besides my testimonials, I just did a podcast interview with Ryan Hanley: Our topic? “Inspiration.”

        And question, did you still want those other guest post topics, I mentioned a month ago?

  31. Brankica says:

    #1 I haven’t been here long enough that I just saw you changed theme and I love it!! Seriously, I just changed mine and now I am like, OMG I want this one 🙂
    #2 My google reader is so full and that is a similar tactics I use, mark with a star everything that looks interesting enough and mark the rest read. of course after reading it, I will remove the star if it wasn’t something special but keep the starred ones I want to come back to at a later time.
    Great tips!

    • Hi Brankica,

      Thanks a lot. I love the new look too 🙂

      Right now, I have about 200 unread and starred posts in Reeder, so it will take me a long time to finish up. And I need to read them all, because the reason I starred them is because they’re interesting 🙂

  32. Jenni says:

    Great share , really an informative post
    thanks for sharing

  33. Mark says:

    I used to read a lot of blogs when I had an iPhone but there aren’t many Blackberry rss apps

  34. Elaine Salt says:

    I guess each of us have our own way of learning and reading blog posts. Your style is just a bit more organized than how I do it. Hehe.

  35. Mei Mayore says:

    Hi Jens! I save all the resources I find useful in Evernote. I find it more convenient since I can I can access it using both my computer and mobile phone.

  36. Remy Santos says:

    Wow. I love reading blogs too but what the way you do it is more organized. Thanks for sharing other ways on how I could read blogs and make use of the new resourceful technologies.

  37. Selda KIRKAN says:

    Looks like no Reader(ReadApp) for windows or android. Could you please let me know the functions that I can get something similar for Android and Win 7 .. Thanks

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