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How I got 24% more sales in 5 minutes…

Yesterday I received an e-mail with the subject above, and of course I had to open it to see what it was all about. It took me about 3 minutes, and I was hooked, and now I think it will take about 3 minutes and you will be hooked as well. I have been wondering for a while how some of the professional marketers get personalized good looking web pages. And now I know.

What you probably know is that if you personalize your marketing, you will end up with more sales. People like to be called by their name, it makes them feel comfortable. Now I am going to show you something interesting and I will explain how it works.

Let us say (just for this example) that your name is Robert. If I am going to promote something to you, I will send you this link:

Do you see, this makes a difference, and it will make you more money. How do you get it to be personalized? Well, I can´t make links to everybody with their name in it, because I don´t know all of their names and it will take a lot of time for me to do so. I use this script at my autoresponder (Aweber) and I use the url and behind the / I put the code for the person´s first name. This way it will all be personalized. And not just this package, but everything I want to sell them.

Do you understand now why I think this is just amazing? For more detailed information on how you can buy it for an incredible low price with Master Resale Rights, just click here and you will get it all.

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